Nov 1, 2022

Photo of the Month (October)

This photo brought me so much joy! It was sent in by Beth in Canada, whose adorable granddaughter made my chocolate pudding. How cute is she? Beth said her granddaughter was watching my chocolate pudding video while eating lunch and then she made it for a treat. “After making chocolate pudding in the sandbox,” said Beth, “she asked to make the real thing.”

Its always makes me happy to see children take an interest in cooking and I encourage everyone to involve young family members in the kitchen. Let them be your “helper” and encourage them to try to make their own creations. It can be really fun to play in the kitchen and be learning at the same time. This little angel made her own pudding from scratch! Thank you, Beth, for sharing your photos and please tell you granddaughter I said, “Great job!”

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4 Comments on "Photo of the Month (October)"

  1. Sabrina Lane

    Hello Jenny,

    I am writing because I have been wondering if you are not making YouTube videos anymore?
    You taught me so much and your Pierogis are an absolute hit with my husband.
    I sure miss your teachings ❤️

  2. Cindy

    Hi Jenny! What a wonderful story. Precious little girl. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jean

    What happened to Jenny ,really miss her.

  4. Beth

    Aw Jenny, thanks so much. Her parents are keen gardeners and advocates of cooking and tasting together.

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