Jan 4, 2022

Photo of the Month (Nov – Dec)

Cinnamon Rolls Jenny Can CookThis photo sent me into my kitchen to set out the cinnamon and all the ingredients needed to make cinnamon rolls. That’s why my photo of the month(s) is this one from Barb in Ontario, Canada.  She and her husband both lost their jobs in the past year so she’s been making everything at home, including all of my breads. Hubby has a sweet tooth and was craving cinnamon rolls. “I was reticent about cinnamon rolls,” she said, “I thought they’d be too tricky for me!  BUT I watched your video, taking note of the tips for not rolling too tight and using dental floss for slicing. It was easy!” And they must have been delicious because they were all gone by the next day. Thank you, Barb, for your tasty photo. My cinnamon rolls didn’t last long either. 😋

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  1. Beth

    Barb your cinnamon rolls make my mouth water. I have made Jenny’s recipe a few times now and it always makes me think of my mom who made 1000’s of these in her lifetime and shared with numerous happy recipients. I am delighted these are so delicious made more heart healthy with oil.
    Thanks Jenny.

  2. Gloria

    Jenny, How are you? We miss you; it seems you’ve disappeared! <3

  3. Linda

    This looks delicious! Please return to Instagram

  4. jrt67

    Just read you book and your cookbook. That easy choc cake you have on boobtube I wish I found sooner but thankful to find.
    Polish people are the hardest working at stuff so no wonder when you put your mind to cooking it would be good.
    I was never a fan of any talk shows or comdedians so it was only your cooking that got me hooked
    Great kitchen, I wonder if your East Coast or West Coast?

  5. Josee Dube

    I just bought a dutch oven pan to cook my bread. But it says it is safe to use up to 400F but your bread recipes oven goes to 450f. Do I need to return the pan? Do they make pan that can go in the oven at 450f?

    Thank you !

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I would return the pan. There are many Dutch ovens rated to 450 – Kohl’s has one by Food Network oven safe to 500F for about $55.

  6. V

    Re Angel Wings…I grew up with something I think is the same but it wasn’t rolled. It was a rectangle that irregularly curled up at edges, had bubbled up surface. Would this recipe work for that, and hpw tp acieve the bubbled effect.
    Polish Chrusciki – Angel

  7. Gerriec

    I just made the faster no-knead bread. I usually use a round le Creuset dutch oven, but this time I used an oblong baker (emile henry). Adjusting to a long loaf instead of round. Came out beauteous but I was wondering because it is narrower do I do the first covered baking for a shorter time? It’s still hot so I can’t cut it but it is very crusty.

  8. Kristhel

    Wow that looks so delicious and comforting!!

  9. Parente Barbara Hopko

    I just have a question. Do you have a cook book with your recipes? Your cooking methods are Especially good for beginners! Love all your tips and no nonsense approach, not to mention HEALTHY recipes. Your cook book would be wonderful to give as gifts for my grandchildren. Again, I truly enjoy your videos.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I published a cookbook years ago but I’m a different cook today and I do not recommend it. All of the easy recipes I make today are only on this website.

  10. Beth Atkins

    Thinking of you Barb, it’s so hard to lose your job, and twice as hard when both household earners are out of work. Best of luck to you. Agree that these are the *best* cinnamon rolls in the world!

  11. Dimmel

    Miss you on YouTube. You’re so funny, engaging and inspiring. Easy recipes that seem so healthy. We need them When! When are you coming back?

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