Jan 4, 2022

Photo of the Month (Nov – Dec)

Cinnamon Rolls Jenny Can CookThis photo sent me into my kitchen to set out the cinnamon and all the ingredients needed to make cinnamon rolls. That’s why my photo of the month(s) is this one from Barb in Ontario, Canada.  She and her husband both lost their jobs in the past year so she’s been making everything at home, including all of my breads. Hubby has a sweet tooth and was craving cinnamon rolls. “I was reticent about cinnamon rolls,” she said, “I thought they’d be too tricky for me!  BUT I watched your video, taking note of the tips for not rolling too tight and using dental floss for slicing. It was easy!” And they must have been delicious because they were all gone by the next day. Thank you, Barb, for your tasty photo. My cinnamon rolls didn’t last long either. 😋

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2 Comments on "Photo of the Month (Nov – Dec)"

  1. Beth Atkins

    Thinking of you Barb, it’s so hard to lose your job, and twice as hard when both household earners are out of work. Best of luck to you. Agree that these are the *best* cinnamon rolls in the world!

  2. Dimmel

    Miss you on YouTube. You’re so funny, engaging and inspiring. Easy recipes that seem so healthy. We need them When! When are you coming back?

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