Jan 31, 2021

Photo of the Month (January)

How To Make Dutch Baby Pancake

I chose this photo from Ellen in Oregon because as soon as I saw it, I turned on my oven to make my own Dutch Baby Pancake. Her way was exactly the way I serve mine, with a dusting of powdered sugar and lots of fresh fruit. Ellen made it for her husband’s birthday!

Click here for the recipe.

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5 Comments on "Photo of the Month (January)"

  1. Nandeya Jean Hervet

    Are you making any current cooking videos on YouTube I think your style of cooking and easy follow step by step is great

  2. Nance

    I’m always so surprised that so few people have had these. They are so easy. I make them often for desert at dinner parties because they don’t take long and I don’t have to be away from my guests (and the fun) very long.

  3. Allison

    Looks gorgeous, and delicious!!!

  4. Jamie

    Oh, please start doing your videos again. They were such confident boosters.

  5. Alex

    This looks delicious!

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