Feb 28, 2023

Photo of the Month (February)

Easter Bunny Buns Recipe

Easter is just a few weeks away and this photo of my bunny buns makes me smile every time. Jane, from Kansas City, Missouri is an artist. She made a cat and a dog too! How cute are those?  “I made your bunny buns and added cat and dog buns,” she wrote. “Our grandchildren loved them!” I can only imagine how any children or grandchildren would love these adorable buns. It makes me wonder what other animals can be made? Please send a photo if you make some “fun buns.” I’m going to try a frog. 🐸

p.s. This is one of dozens of photos that were lost in my spam folder for a year but finally found. (from Feb. 2022)

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  1. TJ

    What an adorable pic! Can’t wait to make these using Jenny’s 2-hour No Knead bread/roll recipe… I add a bit of my sourdough starter and they are even more fantastic!
    I have to thank you Jenny…these recipes are a Godsend and finding your blog is such a comfort! Knowing you are still here monthly is really terrific!
    Thanks for staying with us…we love you Jenny Jones!!!

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