Sep 1, 2020

Photo of the Month (August)

Apple Cinnamon RollsThis photo sent me to the store to buy apples just so I can try this version of my cinnamon rolls. Dalila, who clearly loves baking and has some mad skills, added apples and pecans to my recipe and it looks amazing. “I added some diced apples to the filling and also some pecans,” she wrote.  “Topped the apple cinnamon rolls with some more chopped pecans before baking. Talk about a delicious morning treat with my coffee!”  Thank you, Dalila, for all of your inspirational and lovely photos.”

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  1. Ilona

    I make the fast bread all the time.

    Is there a good way to freeze it at some point?

    I see half baked bread at the market and frozen bread dough.
    There are only two of us so saving it or making a half loaf would be helpful.
    Everything I have tried has turned out great.

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