May 19, 2019

One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes

One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & PotatoesI’m so excited to share this easy one-pan meal. It’s Mediterranean eating at its best… healthy, low fat, and full of flavor. The whole thing is ready in an hour so there’s plenty of time to steam some broccoli or make a salad.

When using lemon, it’s best to use a non-reactive pan like Pyrex. I found a 13 by 9 pan at the grocery store for 12.49. The marinade is really simple, using one large lemon but you can use more lemon if you like. Here’s how it looks before cooking:

Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe

I try to submerge as many potatoes into the liquid as possible so they absorb lots of lemon/garlic flavor. About 10 minutes before it’s done, I turn over the potatoes and chicken. Here is it after cooking:

One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & PotatoesMost of the liquid will cook off and I use whatever juices are left, including the onions, to pour over the chicken for serving. I slice the chicken so the juices go inside all the slices. I love this easy recipe. They say the healthiest diet in the world is the Mediterranean diet and this is it! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

10 Comments on "One Pan Greek Lemon Chicken & Potatoes"

  1. Jenny Can Cook

    I made this tonight and added some broccoli florets after 25 minutes. I stirred them into the sauce and turned the chicken & potatoes over at the same time, then it all baked together for the last 20 minutes. It turned out well and it makes it a more complete meal. Gotta eat those veggies!

  2. Bonnie Williams

    You are a great cook, I love your recipes and videos..

  3. Theo107

    I’m inclined to agree with those who commented on the need for a bit more browning. As a professional chef / restaurateur, I know that the eye appeal is an important part of the enjoyment of a dish. When I first opened the recipe and saw the picture I thought that it was a microwaved dish. ( perish the thought! ) On reading the full recipe, I know that it’s going to be delicious and wouldn’t hesitate to make it just as Jenny instructed, taste it when finished, and then make my final decision. Remember, over cooking chicken makes it rubbery, so be judicious when attempting to give it more color, and factor in the ‘ carry over ‘ cooking when calculating cooking time.

  4. Rosie

    The lack of color is incredibly off-putting!. I wouldn’t eat it based just on the way it looks! And I certainly wouldn’t serve it to my family or friends.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      My pictures are intended to show how the food actually looks so you know what to expect if you make it. I do the best I can but I understand that my photos, and recipes, are not for everyone.

      • myrna

        I cannot believe the negative remarks about this dish. It tastes fabulous and is healthy. That’s what I is important. Sprinkle some parsley, Balsamic glaze, whatever if it bothers you that much!


    • Luv-to-cook

      Jenny’s recipes are low in fat. With a lot of flavor. If you want more color on your potatoes you can toss them in a TBL of oil just to coat the potatoes, season with salt . Place them in another pyrex or oven proof dish and bake along side the chicken. When potatoes are soft put under the broiler for a minute till your satisfied with the color. Same with the chicken if you choose to add more color broil the chicken a bit ,the problem with that is the chicken can dry out. I like my chicken Jenny’s way. Serve sliced chicken with some sauce on top and serve the crispy brown potatoes along side the chicken. Jenny’s recipes are easy to prepare low in fat and delicious. 🙂 I love fresh steamed green beans with this meal.

  5. Heeppoo

    Too blonde!! At least sear/brown chicken and potatos in a ‘little’ bit of Olive oil before baking in oven.

  6. Frank

    Very efficient cooking.

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