Mar 3, 2016

No Knead Whole Wheat Olive Bread

No Knead Olive Bread RecipeNo knead bread is the easiest method there is for bread making. I’ve made it plain, multi-grain, fruit & nut, whole wheat, and now I’m sharing my whole wheat Greek olive bread recipe. I use the overnight method where you take 5 minutes the night before to mix together the batter with cool water, let it stand on the counter top overnight, and the next day, you bake the bread.

Here’s how easy it is. You just combine the flour(s), salt, yeast, and olives in a big bowl. Greek kalamata olives come in a jar, already pitted, so I just coarsely chopped and patted them dry with paper towels to add to the mixture. Then you add the water, mix it together, cover and let it stand overnight. Five minutes of work! By the way, olives are a good source of heart-healthy fats. The next day, you bake it in a Dutch oven. My Dutch oven is enameled cast iron. Actually, I have two, a 3-quart and a 5-quart, and I have made no knead breads in both of them.

I made this hearty bread yesterday and had it with a big bowl of soup and today for lunch I used it to make a grilled cheese sandwich with my reduced fat cheddar. Here’s lunch:

Grilled Cheese1200_7915I’ll be working on even more variations of easy no knead breads because I am such as bread person so the more variety the better. If you try the olive bread, keep in mind it needs less salt than other breads because the olives are salty. Click here for the recipe. And if you’re Greek…. “Opa!” – Jenny Jones

7 Comments on "No Knead Whole Wheat Olive Bread"

  1. Susan Creger

    Hi Jenny.. I would like to make this but where is the recipe? I cant find it! lol

  2. Christine

    I’m new to your YouTube show, but I just wanted to say that you have me giggling. The foods FAB too! Really love your no nonsense approach.

  3. Stephanie

    Do you have an easy sourdough bread recipe??? Can you use the same no Kneading method for sourdough bread?

  4. Jennifer

    I have only just come across your website. The recipes look fabulous and I will definitely be trying lots out. The problem now is I haven’t done any cleaning in the last 3 days as I have spent all my time looking at your recipes! Oh well there is always tomorrow.

  5. Kryshia

    Hi Jenny , I can’t say enough of how much I love this No Knead Bread , I have made it with dark rye flour,also , and wow this recipe is never short of wow ., and I have copied this recipe for no knead bread for my daughter and daughter in law ,which are married , we met a day at my daughter in laws house ,and there we were the 3 of us making this bread , lol now they are hooked also ,there was a polish bakery that we bought it at and its the very same taste and texture . it’s so easy to make I can’t wait to finish eating it so I can make more lol , my husband doesn’t like olives ,but I do, so will try this new version , ty ty ty so much .

  6. gambra1

    Muy buena idea, me gusta, lo voy a hacer. Gracias. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

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