Feb 10, 2019

No Knead Multigrain Bread

Easy Mulitigrain No Knead BreadIt must be Sunday because I’m making my favorite no knead bread, the one I love having for breakfast. This easy mulitgrain loaf has two kinds of fiber, one from the oats and the other from whole wheat flour. Oats have soluble fiber and whole wheat has insoluble fiber, the perfect combination of whole grains. No knead loaves made with whole grains don’t form the lovely cracks we see in the white versions but they still form a beautifully crunchy crust.

This recipe uses the overnight method with cold water so I put it together last night before bed and baked it this morning. I’ll be saving a couple of slices and freezing the remaining slices that will last me all week, and then next Sunday….. well…. I’ll make it again. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

3 Comments on "No Knead Multigrain Bread"

  1. jaine

    Hi Jenny. I’ve been making your no knead bread for years and I love it! I want to try this recipe and would like to add some flax seeds and sesame seeds, What do you think?

  2. CJ

    Thank you for posting this, I make it about twice a week. My husband wants to learn how to make it also. Yummy.
    I made 2 small loafs for soup in a bread bowl.


  3. Jim (the cop prof)

    Hi Jenny, I made the first bread with 1/4 tsp of yeast and it did not turn out well. Second try with 1/2 tsp of yeast and it was great. The third attempt was with one packet of yeast and it was perfect. My girl friend has now purchased a ‘Dutch Over’ and we are now in the bread business….LOLOLO. Its a great recipe…Have you ever played with the Electric Pressure Cooker, we also love it…Have a great one….Jim

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