Mar 25, 2023

My Seeded Dutch Oven Bread

Seeded No Knead BreadMy first attempt at adding seeds to my no knead bread looks good but I didn’t really love it. I guess I’m a purist when it comes to bread and I really prefer it plain and crusty. There were too many flavors in the mix of seeds for me and it was hard to get the seeds to stick. It was just okay. Don’t get me wrong. I ate the whole thing! It’s bread!! 🍞

My next one’s going to be plain again. The loaf I make most of the time is my whole wheat version. Maybe I’ll try adding some honey next time to shake things up a bit. You’ve gotta take risks in life! I won’t be bungee-jumping but adding honey to my bread – that’s a chance I’m willing to take. 😀

8 Comments on "My Seeded Dutch Oven Bread"

  1. Linda

    Looks good and I’m sure it tastes great!

  2. Susan

    Hi Jenny,
    This comment is not bread related, but as I just put another pan of your fiber cookies into the oven, it just struck me how many years I’ve been using your recipes and have never said thanks for all the good TV time, recipes, blog info, etc. I watch plenty of YouTube and it takes a lot of time for videoing, editing, etc. And I read a comment of yours that said you figured your recipes wouldn’t be popular forever, but I’m pretty sure they will and at my 72 years, I’m still going back to them from many years ago because they STAND THE TEST OF TIME! So many thanks and best wishes to you from Washington state!

  3. Ray

    Hi Jenny. I’ve been meaning to write you. Finding your no knead bread recipe was a big game changer. I literally wore out three bread makers. I’m kind of a fanatic. Yet I could never get the crusty, rustic Italian bread I crave. Then nearly 2 years ago I discovered your video. I was intimidated to make bread because I thought the yeast was easy to ruin and it would take hours. You made it sound so easy and forgiving. We tried it and have been hooked ever since. We are trying to add different items like cheese, herbs, cinnamon raisin, but you just can’t beat the original. Thank you so much!! I’m older (73), but so happy to have learned something new. We like many of your other recipes, but you had me with the first loaf of warm crusty bread!!

  4. Lorraine

    Hi Jenny!

    I looked for you on YT after a couple of years of practically not cooking… you weren’t there (recently)! I’m very glad you still have this active web site though, and have subscribed for future posts 🙂

    “Don’t get me wrong. I ate the whole thing! It’s bread!!” Yes! You are my kind of girl LOL There is no life without bread! I haven’t made seeded bread but I do want to try… Some seeds always fall off the loaves I buy but that just makes for a nice extra treat when I reach the bottom of the bag 🙂
    Thanks for the recipe and cheers from Ottawa, Canada! Lorraine

  5. Pat T

    I made the simple white bread with egg today. So excited how it turned out. The recipe I have to say is forgiving. I already posted the whole wheat simple bread with egg photo . I forgot to mention I used honey instead of sugar and if still produced a fabulous bread. This simple white loaf I have to admit I know I overthought my kneading and kneaded way over 50 and then was not happy with my tuck and redid it three times. I thought for sure I ruined the dough. No way did it get ruined but I do think deciding not to add honey udung the sugar instead with my red star quick rise yeast and making sure my milk was 120-130 degrees gave me a quicker rise. Not 35 but 60 minutes to make 1” above rim of pan. The wheat bread using honey and not checking the temp with gauge took 75 minutes.The end result either way turned out both white and wheat a fabulous crust and easy to slice. Tender moist inside . And absolutely delicious. Thanks again Jenny another go to bread . Seems I have to send photo separate.

  6. Jenny Can Cook

    I will also try adding seeds inside the dough only. Thank you, Beth. And now I know that a honey version will work too. Thank you, Dalila.

  7. Dalila G.

    Happy Sunday Jenny!
    Your Dutch oven bread looks deeeelish!
    I tried bread with seeds, good, but I prefer no seeds on mine.
    I might use Beth’s idea and add it to the dough, thanks Beth!
    I do add honey to my breads, taste good to me!
    Happy Baking!

  8. Beth

    Your bread looks so pretty Jenny. I make a sourdough bread with 2 TBSP everything bagel seasoning in the flour mixture. I do not like it on the outside. The seeds bake too dark or burn and it is messy when you slice it.

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