Dec 1, 2019

My Recipes by You (December)

I’m always thrilled to see photos of my recipes being made all over the world! That’s why it’s great to see where you are from. Please send your photo to:


“No knead bread!..soo crusty yummm.”

~ Thanks so much for the photo and Happy New Year! ~ jenny


“Jenny Jones, we have a problem”……this is WAAAY too good and WAAAY too easy! So much for swearing off bread!! Measured everything by weight using KA’s bread flour. Was probably a bit ‘heavy’ on the yeast, but no issue. Added 1+ tbsp of organic honey as last ingredient before it rested for 3 hours, then patted it out and sprinkled some cinnamon-butter-sugar-flour before the final roll-up. Will make wonderful French toast, but probably won’t last that long! Tomorrow ….another day…..another loaf.”

~ It’s great for all of us to see how many variations can be used and they always turn out. Thanks a lot for your photo. ~ jennyJenny Can Cook No Knead Bread


“Wow!!! I was so surprised as to how good my first apple pie came out. I even treated myself to my own personalized pie dish and waited two years to do it!!! Duh!! I gave my husband an option, if he wanted a healthier apple pie or the fattening kind. And he wanted no butter style. I’m so glad he picked yours. We will never buy store bought pie again. The dough wasn’t big enough to lie over the edges so I did the old nip and tuck and didn’t even burn without anything covering it up. This pie plate was bigger then the average I think. I love your healthy ways and am looking through your recipes for the next one to make. Can’t wait… Thank you, Michele Mastrangelo.”

~ That’s a pretty amazing first apple pie. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. ~ jennyHealthy Homemade Apple PieEasy Apple Pie Oil Crust


“Hi Jenny! Have loved your videos for awhile now and was finally brave enough to try the no-knead bread about a week ago. My water was probably too hot and I forgot to preheat my dutch oven with the oven. Husband loved it, but without knowing what I did wrong, my son told me he could do better. I’ll spare you photos of my pale dense flop but am attaching photos of my 15 year old son Brady’s beautiful loaf. I showed him your video and gently supervised, he did the rest, even ignoring my advice to “stop jabbing the dough so much”. Thanks for making easy to follow fun videos and encouraging people to cook/bake. We will definitely be trying more. ~ Nicole Bailey.”

~ Great job, Brady! I love seeing young people learning to cook. Keep it up!! ~ jennyFast No Knead Bread Jenny Can CookEasy No Knead Bread Recipe

5 Comments on "My Recipes by You (December)"

  1. Pam

    I would love to make the bread but do not have a dutch oven. Any recommendations other than go buy one?

  2. Bruna

    Hi Jenny
    Love your videos. ?. Your recipes work out perfectly!!
    Do you have a chilli recipe? I’m looking for a video recipe I made a while ago that I thought was yours but I’m not able to find it. You leave the minced beef to cook for 10 minutes so that it forms a crust and flavour of course before moving on. Was this your recipe?
    Thanks Jenny! Keep cooking!

  3. Ralph Barrese

    Jenny, I see in your recipe for the Faster No Knead Bread that it takes 35 minutes to get your oven up to 450 degrees. When I need to get my oven up to temperature, I turn on the broiler for 2 minutes, then shut off the broiler and turn the oven on to the temp I want. It is usually right at about 450 after 2 minutes on broil! Give it a try and see if this doesn’t work for you. It is more energy and time efficient.
    Thanks! Ralph Barrese

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