Jun 7, 2013

My Pinterest Collection

Picture 7If you like trying new recipes like I do, check out my Pinterest page. I’ve been searching for healthy recipes there for some time and so far I have collected over 2,000  recipes that I want to try. It’s crazy! When will I find the time? If you’re not a user I can tell you that a lot of people say it’s addicting. I always thought it was just a collection of favorite photos but it turns out there are thousands of recipes there but you do have to search for the healthy ones. That’s what I’ve been doing so even though I want everyone to try my own healthy recipes, I’m also happy to give other food bloggers the credit for their own healthy foods and meals. But it has to be healthy. If anything starts off with a stick of butter, I pass. Wait ’til you see how many good ones I’ve found! I have 45 different  boards with over 2,000 recipes. Some of my favorite boards are: My Own Healthy Recipes (of course!), Baking Without Butter, Pizza, Spicy Hot Stuff, Polish Food, Great Salads, Healthier Mac & Cheese, Healthy Wraps & Tacos, and there’s even one called “Ten Foot Pole” and you know what that means – stay away! So except for that board, everything else is definitely worth a try. If you find a recipe you like and try it, let me know – my bucket list is too looooong!! – Jenny Jones

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  1. Rhonda

    I kinda figured you got hooked on Pinterest…lol…There are more recipes floating around than anything it seems, but I’m sure people love to cook and it’s a top hobby for most people. You can search for anything and it’s there. It’s as fun as Google and I love to Google. I’m glad you checked it out and found out it was something you would enjoy. I haven’t seen your boards in a few weeks, but I will be sure to check them out 🙂

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