Apr 20, 2015

My Parchment Paper Stuck

If your parchment paper stuck it’s from using an inferior brand. Reynolds brand always works for me. I got a cheaper parchment paper once and everything stuck to it. I only use Reynolds brand – it never sticks. (This is not a paid endorsement, I’m just sharing what works for me). NOTE: Wax paper is NOT the same as parchment paper. DO NOT USE WAX PAPER in the oven because it will melt onto your food.

10 Comments on "My Parchment Paper Stuck"

  1. Sandy

    Hi Jenny, I enjoy making your recipes. They are super, and I also enjoy watching your videos. Thank you.

  2. Carol

    Jenny, My daughters and I appreciate your vegan chocolate cake recipe sooo much! One of my daughters and I are vegan, my other daughter is vegetarian. We all enjoyed your vegan cake recipe! Our non vegetarian family members enjoyed it as well!
    It has been difficult finding a vegan chocolate cake recipe. The simplicity of your recipe as well as the yummy flavor makes it extra special!
    Would a substitution of gluten free flour for the all purpose flour work? Would I need to do anything extra to the ingredients if I made this substitution? I am gluten sensitive.
    Best regards,

  3. RJ West

    I am curious about the answer to the parchment question. What does removing the parchment do or prevent?

  4. Carol

    What is the purpose of removing the parchment paper from the Faster No Knead Bread after 30 minutes of baking? How is one supposed to do that with a partially baked loaf?

    I’ve done no knead bread in my Dutch oven (cold oven start) and have never removed the parchment until finished. Does removing it improve the bread somehow?


    • Pat B

      I am unclear on how to remove the parchment paper

  5. Linda and Jack

    Is there a subscription fee for your recipes? I get them from the internet but a Subscribe
    button keeps popping up.

    Love your recipes. Thank you.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      There is no fee. All my recipes are free. I don’t even allow ads on my website. You can subscribe if you want to be notified when I post a new recipe, which is not very often. Or you can just check back once in a while.

  6. Venice Scherer

    Can you share a sourdough bread recipe please?

  7. TammyK

    Really want to make this bread and have all ingreds but the parchment. Have a ceramic lined Dutch oven. Will recipe work without parchment? Maybe oiling the Dutchoven, or foil??

  8. Frimet

    Palisades parchment has a quality paper and is packed for the Happy Baker/cook.
    it comes in 3 widths and has a lot on the roll. you can google Palisades parchmet paper. or go there site.

    there are baking paper and parchment paper the best is Genuine Vegatable Parchment paper it works every time.

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