Jan 28, 2013

My next cooking video – you decide

I can’t decide what to do for my next cooking video. Should it be…

~ Polish cabbage rolls

~ Double chocolate almond biscotti

~ Sweet & spicy chicken fingers

~ Caramelized apple oven pancake

~ Thighs & Fries

~ Spicy chocolate -cherry cookies

~ English muffins

~ Apple pie bars


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9 Comments on "My next cooking video – you decide"

  1. Sandy

    City Chicken recipe (veal?)

  2. chuck

    do you have a video on how to make potato salad? I just love you video’s so if you have one please send it to me. thanks!!
    Okla. city

  3. Rhonda

    Oh wow Cabbage Rolls for sure. Now I’m excited knowing you added your Cabbage Rolls as a choice. Would love to see a video 😉 😀

  4. Andy

    Chicken fingers please!!!

  5. Canadian Girl

    Cabbage Rolls!

  6. Ksu

    Polish cabbage rolls (if they’re vegetarian) 🙂

    • Jenny

      Mine are not vegetarian but I will show how they can be.

  7. Bette

    Polish cabbage rolls

  8. Kathy

    Sweet & spicy chicken fingers

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