Jan 12, 2014

My cooking videos: over a million views!

My cooking videos have just logged over a million views! It happened this morning and I’m super excited. I know there are a lot of cooking channels on Youtube so I never expected that many people  to watch mine. But the number of views has been steadily increasing and based on the comments, they are watching all over the world. So thank you to everyone who is watching and especially for letting me know when they try one of my healthy recipes. I’m not selling anything so the only reward I need is to know that I’m making a difference.

Now… what should I make next???

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5 Comments on "My cooking videos: over a million views!"

  1. Marie B from Canada

    My mother and I found your site tonite. We watched many videos cabbage rolls, periogi, spaghetti/meatballs, potato pancakes, angel wings.. we loved them all. I kept saying “she looks like a young Barbara eden”. While reading some reviews some said who you were. I said she is Canadian. Nice to see a hometown area girl that has done so well. Keep the videos coming we love them. Marie from Windsor Ontario

  2. Sam

    Bread is the staple of life. How about your wheat bread in a video.

  3. Rhonda

    Congrats on the million views and I’m happy for you that you want to keep going with it. I enjoy watching you videos and making your comfort foods and my suggestion would be I would like to know how you make your cheese cake. I’ve saw you post about it before and I just love cheese cake. When I do have it. I only limit myself to a tinny tiny piece. If it was made healthier maybe I would and could enjoy it more often 🙂

  4. Therese

    How about a video on how you make that strawberry cake??!!

  5. Marge

    I’m looking for a Apple Crisp recipe

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