13 Comments on "Merry Christmas"

  1. Joanne

    Jenny, you’re a wonderful human being .

  2. bobkurland

    hi fm bob kurland in wisconsin…my cousin joe kurlands daughet karen worked for ur show,i saw joe at my sisters birthday party this summer in countryside,il. can u give me a shout out? p.s. i tried ur meatloaf too as we are polish too

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Hi, Bob and Happy New Year. I’m glad you liked the meatloaf. ?

  3. Jason and Amber Conant

    Jenny we love your videos. My wife has made alot . Are you gonna make some more? Hope all is well.

  4. Greg

    OMG….I just had to drop you a quick note to thank you for your sense of humor! I love it! Not only did I laugh when you commented (if I remember correctly), “whose your daddy” while spanking the bread dough but I just watched you make the Lemon Brownies and when you said, at the end, just eat one! I said out loud “Yeah right!” Then watched you grab the huge corner one to eat. That just made me fall out laughing. It’s like you were reading my mind!!! OMG….. Thank you! I’m making those later today!

  5. Ranch Girl

    You are the Best and funny too! Have a Happy New Year 2019

  6. Rhonda

    Merry Christmas. A little late but I hope you and Denis had a wonderful day ?

  7. EG

    I did not see a way to contact you directly, so I apologize. I was watching your no knead bread video and noticed your site. Judging by your “about” page, it sounds like you do this purely for fun, and are not interested in much more, but if the demand keeps growing, have you considered offloading some of the work in exchange for revenue? e.g. sell some courses. With all the traffic this site gets, it could create some value for someone willing to add revenue components to it. Just a thought. You can email me directly if you want to.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I appreciate your interest but I prefer to continue sharing my recipes for free. All the positive feedback I receive, and to know I am helping others, is more than enough reward. But thank you, though. ?

  8. Sue McCarthy

    Merry Christmas Jenny and Denis! ??

  9. Ryan

    Merry Christmas, Jenny! We are baking your cinnamon rolls in your honor.

  10. Dalila G.

    Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas filled with joy, laughter and much LOVE!!
    ?May your 2019 be filled with good health, much happiness and good fortune!! ?
    Thank you Jenny for all your wonderful recipes, I’m looking forward to 2019 and all your tasty goodies!

  11. Barb Arden

    Merry Christmas, Jenny!

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