Mar 3, 2017

Make Whole Wheat Dutch Oven Bread FASTER!

Easy Whole Wheat Bread No KneadIt pays to experiment. Today I decided to try making whole wheat no knead bread faster to avoid the overnight wait. I increased the amount of yeast and it worked! Most no knead breads use 1/4 teaspoon of yeast so I tried 1 teaspoon and let the dough rest for just three hours instead of overnight. I was so happy with the result. It’s a nice hearty loaf with a soft interior. This is not 100% whole wheat because that is a heavier, dense loaf. This is 2/3 whole wheat to 1/3 bread flour but it’s still a good source of fiber.

So now I have NINE different variations of no knead bread from Fruit & Nut Bread to Multi-Grain to No Dutch Oven at all. And I’m working on number ten! Keep in mind that any whole wheat bread will never be as soft and crispy as the white version but this is still a delicious, hearty, healthier whole wheat bread and it takes almost no work at all. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

4 Comments on "Make Whole Wheat Dutch Oven Bread FASTER!"

  1. Minichef

    Hi Jenny I love making your recipe for Artisan bread C an I add other ingredients of my own to the recipe without messing it up?

  2. Jennifer

    Jenny, what’s the best way to keep homemade bread fresh? I made a loaf of your “No-Knead Bread,” and it grew stale after only 2 days. I put the bread out on the table in a bread bag, but maybe I should have stuck it in the bread box?

    Please let me know what’s best.

  3. reneebenee

    Jenny think you would love these. you might be able to adjust ingredients to your liking

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