Oct 3, 2015

Lemon Coconut Cake Without Butter

Lemon Coconut Cake No ButterBelieve it or not, you can make this amazing cake with no butter at all. Baking without butter has become my specialty. The cake is simple. It’s my easy one-bowl yellow cake but with half the vanilla and with added fresh lemon zest. (To keep the edges of the cake from over-baking, I suggest using a cake strip.) While the cake bakes, you make a super easy lemon curd for the filling. Then you spread the curd on a big dinner plate to cool.

And now the frosting. I make an old-fashioned seven-minute frosting because it has no butter, and because it’s light and fluffy and delicious. But seven minutes is a lie!  It actually takes abut nine minutes to make and here’s why. You need to be at the stove with an electric mixer and you beat the frosting in a glass bowl, over a simmering pot of water. It’s basically egg white and sugar and it makes a beautiful, light and airy frosting that tastes like billows of meringue.

The cake is sliced in half to fill with the lemon curd and then the top of the cake goes back on and it’s frosted all over with 7-minute frosting. After that you sprinkle the top with sweetened shredded coconut and press more coconut on to the sides. The just wait for the raves, especially from lemon-lovers.

If you don’t want to make the frosting and want something simpler, you can slice and fill the cake and just spread it with the lemon glaze that I use on my lemon brownies and sprinkle the top with coconut. Here’s how that looks…


Either way you make it, you’ll have a delicious dessert without butter. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

10 Comments on "Lemon Coconut Cake Without Butter"

  1. Helen, Australia

    Thanks Jenny for these fabulous recipes. I’ve always loved making beautiful cakes but due to bowel surgeries I have a lot of pain after consuming butter. I can, however, use prescription oil which is digested fully in the stomach, so I use this instead of olive oil. Your recipes are an answer to my prayers; thanks again, so much.

  2. Kryshia

    Hi Jenny this is the first time I am writing to you , I saw you on your talk show loved it , I am a polish girl ,brought to Canada when I was about 4 , I have an Uncle that I don’t know never met him he is in Lodz Poland ,I have no way of finding them or reaching them ,,, I have not met anyone from my family, I am 68 soon 69 gosh where did the years go , but like you I love to have fun, and I love to cook, I get in the moods where I can do so much ,then I have a quiet time where I look for rest, or something easy to make lol , is sugar ok? I heard that butter is ok to have . Jenny? did you hear of Kluski?? it’s a polish dish, my mom passed away, many years ago and gosh I wish I asked her more questions I just loved them , she made them with grated raw potatoes,then she squeezed them out , if you can ? can you make a video making them? I know this is a large order, but your videos sure make me smile, love who you are, and it motivates me hugssssssss Kryshia .

  3. Chen

    It looks delicious! I love your “no butter” recipes to keep us healthy. Hope to see your new video cooking soon. Thanks for sharing :-).
    Hope your everyday is as pretty as you.

  4. Kim

    Thanks again, Jenny. This recipe looks yummy. I can’t wait to try it. Keep these yummy recipes coming!

  5. Joyce

    Thanks Jenny!
    I have been waiting for more of your new recipes (without butter).
    Will try this soon.
    Any video for this?

  6. Laurie phillips

    How delicious this looks. I have to try this one maybe in 2 weeks. I am busy with chocolate desserts this week and learning to cook with Coconut and Almond flour to make recipes more low carb.
    Enjoy your week Jenny…we all love your videos and and recipes.’Thanks Millions.
    Laurie p

  7. Jeannette

    Hi Jenny
    Will make the cake this afternoon it looks lovely, but then all your recipes are great ,keep then coming
    Regards Jeannette.

  8. Maria Pia

    Hi Jenny,
    you are beautiful as always!
    Thank you for your delicious & easy recipes.
    All my best everyday.
    Maria Pia

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