Jun 29, 2013

Lemon Brownie News


I’m happy to report that my “Easiest Lemon Brownies” is one of the three most popular recipes on this website. The other two are my Pork Loin Dinner (I’m not surprised!) and Fresh Strawberry Cake (have you seen the picture!?). I’m always trying something new and baking is my favorite thing to do so today I tried making my lemon brownies with a different oil and they came out great. The original recipe called for canola oil but this time I used extra light olive oil and they were perfect. So if anyone wants to try it, you can make these brownies using olive oil with no olive taste whatsoever. But make sure it’s “extra light” which is very mild tasting and smelling. I use it in my healthy brownies, too. That’s just part of my news.

Someone asked about making my lemon brownies without the baking soda for a chewy brownie. I did that and it turned out okay but I would call it more dense than chewy. I still prefer the original recipe but they both still have a great lemon flavor. Click here for the original recipe.

IMG_1409Here’s a picture of the one I made today without the baking soda. – Jenny Jones

2 Comments on "Lemon Brownie News"

  1. Jenny

    I wouldn’t use all whole wheat pastry flour but maybe half and half. They just seemed too delicate for whole wheat but I will try it next time I make them and report back. I’m glad you like them – they are very popular.

  2. Sue

    Those lemon brownies are sooooo good JJ! And I thank you for that recipe. Mike goes nuts over them too! I was wondering, when it comes to whole wheat pastry flour, can you substitute that for the white flour when recipes call for white? I know whole wheat flour can make things a bit grainy but whole wheat pastry flour seems more refined.

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