Apr 10, 2013

Kate wants to make kielbasa

Hi Jenny! I just want to ask if you know how to make “Kielbasa” (i think thats the word?) My boyfriend is Polish and I wanna make something for him. What kind of Polish food would be nice to make a romantic dinner? Would Kielbasa be good enough? Do you know any Polish pastas? Thank you so much!

My response:

I’ve never made kielbasa but I have eaten my share in the past. I imagine it’s a lot of work to make sausage. The only Polish foods I make are cabbage rolls, pierogi, borscht, and Hunter’s stew (sauerkraut). There aren’t a lot of Polish pasta dishes but my mother used to make a noodle dish with noodles, mushrooms, and sauerkraut but I still haven’t figured out how she did it. But none of that sounds romantic, does it? I wish I could help you out but maybe one of my readers will come up with an idea…

3 Comments on "Kate wants to make kielbasa"

  1. Soph

    Romantic? Isn’t all comfort food romantic? If it tastes good, it’s romantic. Jenny’s ‘Poppy Seed Roll’ (Makowiec) is very romantic? Yes? No? Yes, yes.

  2. Sue

    Yes Josh! We love pierogies. We always have Mrs. T’s in our freezer!! They are really good! Lately we have been into the broccoli and cheddar ones.

  3. Josh

    I believe pierogies are Polish. I know some people may think mashed potatoes inside of pasta is really out there, but they are really good!

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