Feb 14, 2013

It’s my First Contest!

Here’s a chance to win a free copy of my first cookbook, “Look Good, Feel Great.”


All you have to do is guess how many almonds are in the jar below…


Here’s your only clue: It’s a 16 ounce peanut butter jar.

Whoever comes closest, whether over or under, wins my cookbook.

The winner will be announced here next Tuesday the 19th.  Good luck!!

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42 Comments on "It’s my First Contest!"

  1. Carrie

    I’m hoping there’s 182…….I’d love to win your cookbook

  2. Ksu


  3. Michelle

    I guess 160.

    My husband got me hooked on your recipes, he just made your fresh tortillas, they were sooooooooooooooo good. Love all your recipes, and your how to videos.

  4. Pat

    416 Almonds in jar.

  5. Marlis

    I think there are 272

  6. lisa


  7. Cathy k

    I am guessing 285. Loved your tomato plantt!

  8. Braden


  9. Sue

    118 ?

  10. Adel

    I’ll say 312!

  11. Ruth Puckett

    Fun contest Jenny ! I would guess about 105 almonds!

  12. Flo

    Hi Jenny! I’m guessing 129 almonds!

  13. Becky

    Hi Jenny! 🙂 my guess is 177

  14. Jamie


  15. Josh


  16. Laura Frucht


  17. Larry

    I’d guess 200…and would also like to know if the cookbook is available for download. Thanks

  18. Dana L.


  19. Netasha Patywich

    Hi Jenny I think that there are aprox 268 almonds in that jar and I would love to win your book. Or locate it to download. I also have been enamoured with your F/B teaser recipes. Your mac&cheese is a winner-great for these frozen winter days we have been having here in Ont. Tks n cyber hugs! Netasha

  20. Stef

    275. I don’t usually try guessing for such contests, but I’d really appreciate winning a copy of your cookbook. Thank you, Jenny. 🙂

  21. Mary Ann


  22. Rhonda

    I’m guessing 188 almonds…

  23. Carson Taylor


  24. gail kasicki

    215 is my guess.

  25. Joel O'Brien


  26. Elaine HOUGHTON

    My guess is 224. Hope I win that great cookbook!!!

  27. annette livingston

    im guessing 100

  28. Lisa


  29. Don O.


  30. Kathy LaMaster

    I’m going with 154. Thanks.

  31. Ian


  32. Shannon


  33. Jackie Kersten


  34. Danny

    I guess 355

  35. Tegan Osmond

    My guess is 300

  36. Jeri

    My guess is 133. I also love your sight. Thanks for keep it simple and very tasty.

  37. Melissa Caza

    My guess is that there are 130 almonds in the jar

  38. Julie Pflum

    my guess is 141!

  39. Chris

    I reckon 174! Xx

  40. Eva Kochan

    My guess is 184 almonds! 🙂

  41. Pat Aurora

    124 Almonds. Love your site. Tried several of the recipes and they are very good. Keep up the good work.

  42. Kathy


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