Mar 31, 2013

It’s good to eat citrus fruit


The similarity between round citrus fruits––like lemons and grapefruit––and breasts may be more than coincidental. Grapefruit contains substances called limonoids, which have been shown to inhibit the development of cancer in lab animals and in human breast cells. For anyone concerned about eating grapefruit,  limonoids are found in all citrus fruits, which have many known health benefits so some citrus should be part of any healthy diet.

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3 Comments on "It’s good to eat citrus fruit"

  1. Rhonda

    I just bought some lemons and grapefruit this past week. As a kid I would love going to my grandmother’s because it seem she kept citrus fruits in her frig all the time, so I’ve eaten citrus fruits all my life. I put a wedge of lemon in my water or tea sometimes and grapefruit has a lot of benefits so for a week I ate grapefruit for lunch and a lady in the breakroom said she wish she could enjoy some grapefruit but she can’t because of her meds. I felt bad because here I am eating in front of her something she wanted but couldn’t have. I’m really too much of a softy, Jenny…lol…seriously…

  2. Jenny

    Yes, that’s true. This article explains it and lists the drugs that could be affected…

  3. Pat Aurora

    Some people need to be careful of grapefruit as it can interfere with some medications being absorbed.

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