Feb 12, 2020

I’m Always Learning

Jenny Can Cook Best RecipesThese are just some of the recipes that I have either improved or simplified since they were originally posted. I’m always learning and improving my skills so if anyone is using a recipe that was posted a while ago or if you printed it some time ago, please check the “Recipe Changes/Fixes” category in my blog.

So far I have made changes to about 100 recipes but many of the changes are minor, like increasing salt or reducing sugar but others, like my 15-Minute Veggie Pasta, now use an easier, faster, all-in-one-pan method. I’m always looking for ways to make something healthier or faster or to simplify the process so every time I cook, if I try a better way and it works, I adjust the recipe and share the exact changes I made in the blog.

I encourage all of my regular cooks to occasionally check the “Recipe Changes” category here in my blog to make sure you are using the newest and best version of each recipe. As I evolve as a better (& simpler) cook, I will continue to occasionally update my recipes. To see if any changes were made to your favorite recipes, click here.

3 Comments on "I’m Always Learning"

  1. Dot

    Now that’s how to update a Knowledge Base!! Yay!

  2. Susie Mayhews

    I can’t believe I came across your YouTube recipes! I loved watching your show and I just made your cinnamon raisin bread. Holy God! The best ever!

  3. Steve Dlugosz

    How about a recipe for a Babka cheese or plain and an Chocolate Iced spice cake? Love your video’s on youtube and your sense of humor, be well all my best. God Bless

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