Jan 1, 2015

I Never Expected This

I never expected that so many people would come to my website and watch my videos – over 40,000 people a day! And it’s wonderful. I am thrilled with all the feedback, but it’s becoming hard to keep up with the questions.  I’m doing my best but the numbers keep growing and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. I’m truly dumbfounded to see the thousands of people who visit here every day.

I never did this for money. I did it for my love of cooking and I just wanted to share my recipes. So please understand if I have not answered your question. I’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions in my new Questions category. You’ll also see a lot of helpful comments under each recipe from other cooks that might address your concern.

I wasn’t expecting this. I’m just a home cook sharing what I love as a hobby. I’m humbled and so very appreciative of your kindness and support but this is a one-woman operation and I’m doing the best I can. Before asking a question, please try to look for answers here or on the internet. I’ll try to keep up but seriously… 40,000 people a day from 190 countries! And 50,000 on the weekends!! This is crazy! For commonly asked questions click here.Jenny Jones

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18 Comments on "I Never Expected This"

  1. Vanessa

    Hey Jenny!
    I really like your recipes.
    I drool at every one of them…
    But I wanted to ask: Does the ‘broiler sheet’ necessary for skinless chicken thighs?
    Can’t I just use a rimmed baking sheet with foil on it?

  2. D J

    Can you please find a spanikopita recipe? I love greek foods and the restaurants are too far from here.

    Glad to see you again!

  3. Frances Travers

    what should I do when measurements are in cups? We don’t use this in UK

    • Jenny

      You can refer to the metric conversion chart in my blog. I hope that’s helpful

  4. JanB

    I was perusing Youtube.com and found you. I used to watch you on TV. went to work and poof you weren’t there any longer. Excited I found you. est to you.
    Thank You for your recipes

  5. Batshit Crazy

    Nevermind. When I tried searching the web and YT, I didn’t get results for Twinkies. Just tried it again and it popped up on YT from Allrecipes. Thanks so much.

  6. Batshit Crazy

    You said, as me anything, so I’m asking. Do you know of a cake, these were cut into single portion sizes, that I used to enjoy at my grandmother’s house during the holiday’s. The closest I can recall is they were like a Twinkie, but it wasn’t spongecake. It seemed as though there was a whipped cream filler and as far as I know it wasn’t two slabs of cake with cream in between. This recipe may have had a bit of toasted coconut on the outside. It has been at least 53 yrs since I’ve had this.

  7. Yvonne

    Is there a big difference between pink and red salmon? I want to make the salmon patties and I happen to have a can of pink salmon.
    I just discovered you and I can’t stop looking at your blog.
    Thank You

    • Jenny

      Either pink or red salmon will work in this recipe.

  8. Suzie

    Love Rye bread but without caraway. Any recipes for that. Thanks. I dought it but I had to try. Love all your recipes any body even a new comer to cooking or baking.

  9. Marcelle

    Number one biggest reason why I like your site is because you show your steps and make it very simple for us beginners. Keep up the good cooking.

  10. jack

    Jenny keep up the great work your doing fine. Relax smell the rose’s.


    recipe for polish babka

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