Nov 3, 2011

I made granola bars!

Chewy Granola Bars RecipeI tried making granola bars a few years ago and they were, let’s just say… a little crisp. It took some effort to actually bite into them but there was no way to determine if the extreme crunch was the bar or one of my teeth. So I gave up, but only for a while because I am not a quitter. I challenged myself to make a healthy, crunchy, chewy granola bar that wouldn’t double as a tire iron. I did it. It took a few tries but I finally came up with this easy recipe and you can customize it a bunch of different ways with different nuts, dried fruit, even chocolate chips. I use the mini chocolate chips but Denis always wants the big ones. Maybe when the garage gets cleaned out…

Click here for the recipe and video.

2 Comments on "I made granola bars!"

  1. sue

    Man did you make that look easy!! I am with you on homemade is always better than store bought. (who wants to eat something that has a shelf life of 4 or 5 years!) 🙂 We do buy the Quaker low-fat oatmeal raisin bars for a snack at work, but your granola bars really do look much better and they don’t have that processed look!! 🙂

  2. Rhonda

    lol…funny about the honey and smart thinking too. I love granola bars. I usually buy the chewy Quaker bars. I will have to try and make yours. It looks simple to make. As simple as your caramel popcorn. I’m sure your granola bars are just as delicious 🙂
    Oh and Jenny that has to be my favorite of your aprons. Yellow and green go well together and I love the pattern 😉

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