Nov 5, 2016

How to Keep Tortillas Soft

If your tortillas are not soft there can be several reasons:

  1. You did not use all purpose flour.
  2. You did not use a cast iron pan.
  3. Your pan was not hot enough.
  4. You did not roll them thin enough.
  5. They are not stored properly.

I store mine in a zip top plastic bag (put them in while they are still warm) and then close it up and remove all the air. Mine are always soft and every time I remove one, I close the bag back up, air removed each time. I keep them refrigerated this way for as long as 10 days. If you want to make your own homemade tortillas, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Best Way To Keep Tortillas Soft

13 Comments on "How to Keep Tortillas Soft"

  1. ChellChell

    My favorite YouTube recipe channel by.far! I wish she would come back with more! Hope she’s doing well too!

  2. Elba Rowland

    You’re The Best.
    Easy receipts, very HEALTHY.
    You’re such a gracious lady.
    My whole family loves your receipts.
    Thank you.

  3. Brad

    Jenny I’m an old grandpa who knew nothing about baking until COVID over a year ago when a friend challenged me to bake some bread from your website. You have given me something positive to do and I thank you! I’ve made a lot of your bread and cinnamon rolls and I’m shocked that they have all turned out just like you promised. My question is this, do you roll all 8 and then start cooking each one or do you roll and cook one at a time? I was wondering if the pan gets too hot if you wait to roll each tortilla individually, but perhaps with no oil added maybe it won’t overheat. Thanks!

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I roll as many as I have room for on my counter top to start, usually four. If the pan sits for too long between tortillas, I sometimes pull it off the burner for a short time and then back, so it won’t get too hot. I hope that helps.

      • Brad

        Thank you they are fantastic. I always give you the credit for what I bake, but everyone still can’t believe I’m able to bake this well. Plus like I said, it has really helped me during the pandemic. I almost always “bake and take” to surprise a family member, friend or neighbor. They love getting whatever I bake and that brings great joy to me!

  4. Erma

    I add the oil to the water. Works well. My husband says these tortillas are better than any that we use to buy.

    • Erma

      I will add to Jenny’s comments that if your tortillas are not soft, one cause could be that they were probably cooked too long.

  5. lucia Gonzalez-Roel

    I simply love all of your recipes and videos! This one for the tortillas got me a little miffed because mine were coming out too crispy?? I tried other recipes that didn’t ask for baking powder and I thought that was the problem., but with or without baking powder, mine were still crispy.
    However, after a few tests, I am deciding that if I skimped on not adding all the water that seemed to be the problem. Although the dough was too sticky, you must use the entire 1/2 cup or the tortillas will not stay soft.
    Does this make sense???

  6. DAILA Jaussi

    I used to own Wedding catering business, but now I am retiired. Otur whole family worked together. However I still love to get fast and fun recipies. Yours has always turned out perfect. I always ththink you present all the food very well. I enyou your so many beautiful aprons which you wear on the show. My
    four daughters are grown now and they follow your presentations. I am originally from Sweden and my husband’s grand family are Swiss. We live in Idaho. Again thank you for all you do.

  7. Linda Mata

    Love your recipes, cause you always make it the healthy way. Also as easy as possible.

  8. Sam

    Are you serious? You mean I’ve been buying machine made tortillas with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce (let alone define) when I could have had these? And these are better, with ingredients and tools I already have on hand? I just can’t believe it.

    One tip that may work for folks: When I added the oil I used a pastry cutter (could use 2 forks) to really work that oil into the dry ingredients, like when making biscuits. Hope it helps! Thanks Ms Jen for another win!!!

    • Tammy

      If you have a table top mixer, that works the best. Just use the dough hook. So much easier than mixing by hand, and they always turn out perfectly.

  9. Thelma Thomas

    I always depend on Jenny for a fantastic recipe for what ever I want

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