Nov 5, 2016

How to Keep Tortillas Soft

If your flour tortillas are too hard and won’t bend, it could be from not rolling them thin enough, the pan not being hot enough (cast iron is best), or not storing them properly. I store mine in a zip top plastic bag (put them in while they are still warm) and then close it up and remove all the air. Mine are always soft and every time I remove one, I close the bag back up, air removed each time. I keep them refrigerated this way for as long as 10 days. If you want to make your own fantastic homemade tortillas, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

Best Way To Keep Tortillas Soft

2 Comments on "How to Keep Tortillas Soft"

  1. Sam

    Are you serious? You mean I’ve been buying machine made tortillas with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce (let alone define) when I could have had these? And these are better, with ingredients and tools I already have on hand? I just can’t believe it.

    One tip that may work for folks: When I added the oil I used a pastry cutter (could use 2 forks) to really work that oil into the dry ingredients, like when making biscuits. Hope it helps! Thanks Ms Jen for another win!!!

  2. Thelma Thomas

    I always depend on Jenny for a fantastic recipe for what ever I want

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