Dec 8, 2014

How To Freeze Pecan Balls

Guess what? There is no difference between frozen and freshly made pecan balls. I tested them myself and asked two other people to do a blind taste test and no one could tell the difference. This is good news because anything you can make ahead for the holidays is helpful. I’m sure there is more than one way to freeze these delicate Christmas snowball cookies but here is how I did mine:

  1. Once they were completely cool and after the second roll in powdered sugar I gently placed them in a freezer bag so they were not touching.
  2. I removed as much air as possible from the bag and placed them gently in the freezer.
  3. To thaw I let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator and then brought them to room temperature.
  4. Then I gently rolled them in powdered sugar again to freshen them up.

So there it is. This is how you can freeze your homemade pecan balls and have extra time for…. making more! To make these super easy Christmas cookies, click here for the recipe.  – Jenny Jones

51 Comments on "How To Freeze Pecan Balls"

  1. Ashley

    thank you so so much, I made a huge batch froze them decided i needed more and read the recipe again and realize they all say not to freeze so I can sleep well tonight… well it’s three thirty in the morning i’m making more cookies

  2. Jayna

    Can I flash freeze these on a sheet pan then put them in a ziplock bag….touching?

  3. Joan

    Could use a vacuum sealer to store in the freezer ?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I think it would crush the cookies into crumbs.

      • Georgiegirl

        You can put a dozen in an egg carton or try popping them in mini cupcake liners and then into a sealable container.

  4. Exulansis

    I hate to be “that commenter”, but my 8yo dd is a celiac and strictly gluten free. Can I replace the flour with 1:1 GF flour?

  5. Kathy B

    Thank you for this recipe! Toasting the nuts makes a world of difference. These have the BEST flavor of any I’ve ever eaten! (that other people made) Using toasted nuts is a game changer! 🙂 I’ll be adding this to my fav’s. I made these last night for the first time making this cookie myself. Love them! <3

  6. Jia Ness

    You are a lifesaver girl!
    As a fairly recent widow, and as a mandated “stay-at home” citizen, I naturally spend a lot of time now in my kitchen.
    Also, since I lost my Mom, two years before losing my husband, I have inherited the job of chief cookie baker for our family for the holidays.
    I have been making cookies from old Scandinavian recipes, passed down to me.

    Sending cookies to 15 households this year, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was to find your easy pecan sno-ball recipe!
    These cookies are truly universal, and are perfect to add to the 15 boxes I need to send out next week!
    Thanks for the freezing tips!

    Wish me luck! And I wish you the happiest of holidays!

    • Vicki Robles

      I have made these cookies for many, many years and never knew you could freeze them. I knew I could freeze the cookie, but not dusted with the powdered sugar.
      Gosh, if you have copies of your Scandinavian recipes, I would gladly pay for the copies and postage, etc. I am half Norwegian and half German and I have never had copies of my grandparents recipes—oh, how I wish I had those!!
      So, I think, you might be my best chance.
      Please let me know, if it is possible?
      Peace and blessings for all you do for others,

      • Josephine

        It says on this recipe you can freeze but don’t let them touch , how does that work .

        • Jenny Can Cook

          In the photo above, you can see the cookies are not touching each other.

        • Teresa

          Freeze them on a cookie sheet first.

      • Josephine

        It says on this recipe you can freeze but don’t let them touch , how does that work .

        • Jane

          I’m gonna try placing them in egg cartons. I will cut the cartons in half so it fits in a freezer bag. It will take 2 full egg cartons per batch.

          • Mimi Zimms

            I can eat the whole batch myself. Therefore I double the recipe so that I can have some to eat right away & the rest I can freeze to share at Christmas time! I love the egg carton idea for freezing & for gifting! Maybe using food coloring to “paint” the top of the egg carton to cover up the words.

  7. Redd2

    Hi Jenny: Love this recipe….so easy to make and great tasting. Made 4 batches for Christmas — two batches as written, and two batches with chopped walnuts & almond extract. Made your chocolate cake and lemon brownies a few times and both outstanding. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? So glad I found you on YouTube and I enjoy your step-by-step instructions, not to mention your sense of humor. The first time I found you, I realized that you looked familiar and it took a few times to remember watching your talk show here in Chicago too many years ago. We both still look great! Keep up the great recipes and have a wonderful 2020 !

  8. Jacque

    Can I add a maraschino cherry in the middle of this cookie?

    • Mimi Zimms

      Sounds good to me & dip the ball in melted milk chocolate❤️

  9. Kathy

    A big thumb’s up for this cookie recipe! I did freeze the cookies and they were still wonderful! ?

  10. Catherine Perez

    Can I make the dough the night before and bake the following day? Sorry, I’m not much of a baker.

  11. Sue

    These are the best! And the easiest! I have made them numerous times, and everyone just loves them. Thank you Jenny you’re the best!

  12. sue

    Jenny I love you! Found your lemon brownie video, and from there your channel with tips and tricks. SO friendly, with cute no-nonsense videos. Your brightness and sincerity was the welcome balm I needed while dealing with a family rift and one in the hospital with bypass surgery. You are my new “adopted sister”! sending love!

  13. Michele

    Thank fir the freezing tips! I will make them ahead for sure! Also thank you for the recipe!! Cant wait these are my all time fav and so easy ! Merry Christmas!

  14. Cheryl

    I make these every year, this is an excellent no fail recipe.
    Merry Christmas.

  15. Douglas Smolinski

    Hi Jenny…⚘??
    My question is can I chop the Pecans first then bake and toast them?
    Jenny you certainly can cook!

    Thank you!

    • Jewels

      Personally, I wouldn’t recommend chopping the pecans, prior to toasting them in an oven…because it’s so easy to over toast the pecans , when they’re left whole.
      However, you can toast the ( chopped) pecans in a skillet, on stovetop, stirring constantly, which means more control. But it will go quickly.
      Happy Baking ?

      • Kathy

        I have to agree with the comment, first roast the pecans whole, then chop, less risks burning the nuts. ?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I tried chopping the pecans first before toasting them and they burned, so that’s a no.

    • Sue

      I chopped them first the first time I made them. So much easier and neater to toast first

  16. Eileen

    How long can you keep the dough in the fridge and can you freeze the dough?

    • Kim Austin

      I’m wondering the same thing. Can you freeze the dough prior to baking?

  17. Dorothy j Smith



  18. Lexie Barry Shaw

    These have been a family favorite for 4 generations. Our “adopted” grandmother (neighbor) from up the street, gave us the recipe after making them for our parents and us every Christmas for years. I started making them, and then gave cookie trays with fruit and some candies for gifts to all our friends and family. They were and are the favorite of all the cookies. I collect every recipe I can to see if I can match “Mother Norton’s”. This is the closes yet. Thank you so much.

  19. Cathy Lordo

    I would like to take them to NY with me. Do you think I can freeze them in a container and layer them using wax paper?

    • Lexie Shaw

      Cathy, My original recipe came from NY. Brooklyn as a matter of fact! small world.
      Lexie Shaw

    • sue

      I think you could pack as Jenny suggests to do for freezing, but skip freezing them–take as packed in the bag and inside a box/rubbermaid for protection. If you need to supply a quantity, pack as directed but overnight ship fresh.

  20. Mary-Louise

    I’m so happy I came across your YouTube blog. My husband and I love these cookies and I want to surprise him with these this Christmas. And the tip on freezing, perfect!
    I’ll be following you going forward (and back). Happy Holidays!

  21. Marta Hatton

    Hi Jenny love your site I dont know if you remember me from London Ont. My mom was your godmother pls email I would love to be in touch with you

  22. Marc

    How long can these cookies go without refrigeration ?

    • Diana Shepherd

      How long can these go without refrigeration?

    • Eileen

      Once they are cooked they need no refrigeration

  23. Carolyn

    Omgoodness, it took me a minute or 3 lol ….but I knew you looked & sounded familiar! ?
    Brings me back to H.S. lunchroom memories.
    ANYHOO, so good to see you and thankful for this recipe/tutorial. Going to make these for my parents this Thanksgiving! ?
    Hope you & yours have a very blest one! ?

  24. Jojo

    My favorite cookies. And so easy.

    Miss the decorating shows you use to have.

    I adore you Ms Jenny. Feel like I know you.
    Love n respect ……Jojo

    • Jenny Can Cook

      But I did not have a decorating show, only a talk show.

  25. Jojo

    My favorite cookies. And so easy.

    Miss the decorating shows you use to have.

    I adore you Ms Jenny. Feel like I know you.
    .Love n respect ……Jojo

  26. AlohaElyce

    Hello JCC…

    Best Christmas cookie recipe for the Holidays. My husband & I ate the entire batch one evening. Thanks for sharing.

    Aloha Elyce

  27. Charlee

    Thank you for taking the time to share your recipe videos and tips, easy to follow and never boring. I’m making these cookies ahead to freeze for Christmas then the rib recipe tomorrow.

  28. Eileen

    Thank you for including info on how to freeze. I didn’t know if these could be frozen and I just happened to see your recipe and comment. thanks so much. Christmas baking just got easier.

  29. Steve

    If you would like to get all the air out of the plastic bag, take a straw and put in a partially closed bag and draw the air out as you slowly close the bag. It works….and I also made your no need,bread in a cast iron pot and my son and daughter swhipped it. At least they left a thank you note.(had smudges of jam on the bag)

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