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  1. Richard Poudrette

    Nice i will alwats do this is future

  2. Irene

    Hi Jenny,

    Just purchades an Amazonbasics Dout h oven. The instructions say that the pot is oven safe up to 400 F! Most bread recipes call for 450 F. Can I still follow these no knead bread recipes but bake at 400 F? Or how do I adjust the length of baking if necessary?

    • Rayna

      I bake my no knead bread at 400 all the time. I let it bake with the lid on for 35 mins & extra 5 mins with lid off. It always comes out perfect.

  3. Fe Contreras

    Jenny,Jenny,…why did you leave the TV land? I watched you often!!!
    BTW, I loved your no knead bread, i bake it often.
    I was surprised when i saw your face on youtube baking the beautiful, delicious bread!!! I didnt realize it was you but you did look familiar and then it hit me in the face😄

  4. Laura

    I love to make this bread. It’s very easy. No fuss no muss. Thanks Jenny

  5. Dawn

    Since the pandemic I could not buy bread flour in my store. Hence I used all purpose flour but my dough was just too wet. I’ve added flour and the crust came out very hard. I was able to eat it and still tasty. What adjustment should I make to the recipe using all purpose flour

    • eileen asermily

      how do i make bread flour out of all purpose flour

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I don’t believe that using all purpose flour is the problem. I have made no knead breads with both bread flour and all purpose flour with good results. I think your problem lies elsewhere. Please see the FAQs for a solution.

  6. Nina

    Hi Jenny
    I use my bread machine to make my dough the problem I’ve been having is that it’s either really sticky or has a lot of air pockets. I do sift my flour not sure if I’m suppose, but I do do that if you could please let me know what I’m doing wrong I sure would appreciate it.
    Thanks so much : )

    • Steadfastunmoveable

      Jenny said do NOT sift it. But just aerate the flour. That means stirring the flour to introduce air to it.

  7. tracy

    My husband and I are so glad we found you! Your recipes are fantastic and you are always so positive and funny. And we like all the colorful and, sometimes, silly, kitchen stuff. Keep on and keep doing you, Jenny. We will keep watching.

  8. Shari

    Hi Jennie, I just got my Dutch Oven and they say not to put an empty Dutch oven in an oven………why?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I believe that means not to preheat it empty on the stove top. Just make sure it’s rated safe for 450F.

  9. Wendy

    Thanks for explaining this! I have made the mistake of not aerating my flour before and was disappointed with my results. Love all of your videos and your recipes. Thanks again!
    Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

    • Jim Parsons

      Cynthia If a measurement is by weight, 1 gram is 1gram aerated or not. 120g per cup is the normal agreement and it will produce the same results always, aerated or not. If you are using cups(volume) it MUST be aerated to give the same results every time. In volume there is room for a difference, but a gram is always a gram.
      Jenny, i love your personality and recipes. I have cooked a lot of them and have not been disappointed in any

  10. Ming

    Would you please explain the reasoning behind your warning not too sift flour before measuring? Just curious. Thanks!

  11. Rhonda in Chicago

    No reply necessary Just wanted to say I love your recipes and presentation. A few years ago I went on a roll with your stuffed cabbage rolls, could NOT stop making them – so delicious!!! (And relatively easy.) I’m a recovering Talk Show producer, myself, and have always found cooking and baking to be much more enjoyable 😊 You look happy and I’m very happy for you.

    (Or – as THEY say – “Love You, Love Your Show!”)

  12. KIm F

    I would prefer to make all my baked goods by weight. I tried a bread recipe that did everything by weight and it was perfect!

  13. Karen

    After several do so attempts. I tried your recipe! It came out perfect! I used a Dutch oven this time, which helped a lot. I used bread flour. The only thing I changed up…..I put year in warm water , stirred and let set a few minutes. Then I added to dry mixture. I want to try your quicker recipe next time( more yeast less proofing time) I cannot thank you enough! What a feeling of accomplishment. My friend made your bread , she added a teaspoon of oil to your recipe, and then brushed a bit on top of loaf, after it cooked. She is thrilled with her loaf. Thanks again!

  14. Jim

    Jenny, my oven/range is electric. I have used the thermometer to double check its accuracy. It actually heats cooler than the actual temp. I know a lot of you bread and other recipes call for 425/350 degrees. Since mine does not accurately maintain a temp do you have a suggestion as to some help in remedies the problem. I know I can adjust the guage but I would rather get it fixed. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Jim

  15. Linda

    Thank you 😊
    First loaf is beautiful and delicious!

  16. Steva

    Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Oh my freaking goodness. I followed your recipe step by step and the results were absolutely amazing. It’s gone! My family ate the entire loaf. Bake, eat and repeat!!!

  17. carol

    Jenny thank u . U have given us all wonderful doable recipes.

  18. Kim

    Made your dutch oven bread it was reall good nice and crunchy….

  19. Janet

    I just discovered you and your wonderful videos! My first loaf of bread came out great and I sprinkled on the -Everything seeds and seasoning on top. It came out of oven and I shared with neighbors , a smear of butter and drinking a glass of wine! They loved it! I love your humor and your colorful sets. You really do a nice job and fun to watch! Please stay in good health so we can watch more of you!

  20. Cindy Gayle

    How do you freeze the No Knew Bread recipes?

    Thank you,

  21. Dough Boy

    Great video, great recipe, great bread. My best loaf was left covered on the counter for 8 hours before baking. A slit on top before baking adds a nice touch. Using the mixer with the paddle also is faster, cleaner and more consistent. Thanks, Jen!

  22. Denise

    Hi Jenny! Sorry you got in trouble for washing that dirty ball…lol. Unfortunately I watched your video about airaiting the flour before I mixed 2 bowls of the No Knead Bread mixture. After mixing my first bowl I couldn’t understand why my mixture wasn’t fluffy like yours so I mixed a second bowl with a different flour, but same results.😢 Is there anything I can do with these 2 bowls of bread mixture to make them not so dry before baking my bread?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      These doughs are very flexible. You can just add a little more water.

  23. Louise

    JENNY YOU HAVE OPENED UP SUCH A TREASURE FOR ME…… NO KNEAD BREAD AND ROLLS. Soooooooooo wonderful. My question is…. what is the best shelf to use for making the rolls………… and what self is the best for all the beads ? I’m wondering if I would get better results using a different level…………….. You are amazing and so wonderful to visit. <3

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I bake everything on the middle rack in the oven.

  24. Vaughan

    I am attempting cinnamon buns for the second time and I think I am going to have the same problems as last time. I end up with just 2 and a bit turns. The dough doesn’t role out as big as it shoukd. Also, I am new at baking “75 yrs”and don’t know house to aerate my flour. May that is the problem. Helps!

  25. Barbara Smith

    Jenny, I made the cinnamon rolls using the refrigerate overnight version. This morning I put them in same warm place I use for bread and they have not risen after two hours. Yeast and flour same as I used yesterday for bread which was perfect so I know those are fine. What happened? Thanks!

  26. Liz

    I aerate mine with a rubber whisk, but I like your method too! And by the way, Miss Jenny, you rock!! I was so happy when I discovered you. We’ve been making your no knead bread like crazy and we all fell in love with your orange chicken! I’m making the bread tonight to go along a roasted garlic soup. Thank you for all your recipes!

  27. Tony Greiner

    If you get a chance, could you include the amounts of flour, sugar, etc. in grams or ounces, as well as cups and teaspoons? I’ve found that using weight rather than volume gives me a more consistent product.

    Thanks for the fine set of videos.

  28. LaLa B. New York

    I am SO appreciative of your website and how you make baking so easy for me. The videos are a God sent😍 I made your Polish Easter bread as a Bday gift for a friend and she loved it! Made mine with no raisins and it was fantastic!
    Stay safe Jenny & family so we can all keep on baking ♥️

  29. LaLa B. New York

    I am SO appreciative of your website and how you make baking so easy for me. The videos are a God sent😍 I made you Polish Easter bread as a Bday gift for a friend and she loved it! Made mine with no raisins and it was fantastic!
    stay safe Jenny & family so we can all keep on baking ♥️

  30. Geri

    Can I use Semalina flour for no need bread

  31. Monika

    Was feeling very low earlier this week then saw your No Knead video. The video alone put me in such a positive headspace. Made the bread the next day and well, I think you can imagine the rest. Lots of love to you, Jenny.

  32. stacy

    What if I don’t have parchment paper on hand? Can I just oil/flour the Dutch oven instead?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      See the FAQs.

    • Dan

      I tried oiling the Dutch Oven first time. I won’t do it again, as the extremely hot oven is too dangerous to work the dough ball down into. I wound up just dropping it down into the oven and result was a flat loaf. Bread was good, but flat. Using the parchment as a basket to set the dough ball down into the oven seems like the right way to do this for safety and results.

  33. Cynthia

    Hi, Jenny. Hope you are well.
    I sometimes weigh my flour instead of measuring, but I’ve hear 120 gr/cup and 130 gr/cup. which is correct?

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