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  1. Susan T Martin

    One of the funniest comics I’ve ever seen was similar to this artist’s only the man asked for his coffee cup to be warmed, so the waitress stuck it under her arm in her armpit with a snide remark!! TOO FUNNY!

  2. Elaine Beccarea

    Hello Jenny
    I found your recipe on Utube back in May.It was the lemon cake one batter recipe. They were so delicious and disappeared quickly.
    I’ve since looked up more of your recipes on Jenny can cook site. I was amazed at the number of recipes and the choice of delectable ideas that you give on your site. As I read on I realized and remembered you years back. Your wonderful show. You are still amazing. Then I got a further surprise. You are from London, Ontario my home town. It was a beautiful city to grow up in. I do think I may be older in years. I left London in 1966. You have had an amazing life since you left Canada. I’m still here but in a small Ontario town. It certainly is a small world .
    I do enjoy your recipes and thank you for all your contributions to the world.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I also left London in 1966 when I was 20. It was a beautiful place to grow up and I still have family there. ??

      • Elaine

        Thank you for answering my comment Jenny. London has changed over the years. My mother who is 96 this year still lives in London. That’s the only remaining soul. She has been blessed to live this long.
        I will continue to follow your wonderful recipes. May God continue to bless you and what your life has done for this world.Sincere wishes.

  3. Dalila G.

    Good morning Ms. Jenny! ?
    LOL…..good one, thank you for my Thursday morning laugh!
    Have a nice day! ?

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