Feb 4, 2013

Homemade pizza is the best!

PizzaMroom_8884I made pizza last night for the Super Bowl – Denis likes mushrooms and I like plain so… half & half. And we both like a crispy crust, one that crackles when you slice the pie. My favorite crust comes from using a pizza stone and wooden peel but you can also get a great crispy crust with one of those special pizza pans with holes. You can see how it works in my healthy Pepperoni Pizza video. Click here to see it.

One Comment on "Homemade pizza is the best!"

  1. Rhonda

    Plain pizza is okay but I like mushrooms and black olives on mine and maybe some bell pepper and onions too ever now and then… 😉

    Jenny I have a question. Did it take practice to cook with doughy recipes or did you take to it with no problem? I’m on vacation in a few weeks and I think I’m gonna just play around in the kitchen and practice making your pizza and biscuits. I’ve got to get the biscuit one right. I love bread and those biscuits you made look sooo good…Yum!…

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