Jan 22, 2016

Homemade Honey Wheat Bread

Easy One Rise Honey Wheat Bread

Here’s another super easy, healthy bread recipe and it’s by popular demand. My first “simple whole wheat bread” has been hugely popular but a lot of people have asked if they can eliminate the egg or add honey. YES and YES. This easy honey wheat bread has no egg and it’s made with… you guessed it:  honey. The interior is nice and soft and it tastes really good.

It takes a little longer to make than my other whole wheat bread (the one with the egg) and it doesn’t rise quite as tall so if you want it taller or faster, try my Simple Whole Wheat Bread. But if honey-wheat bread is your preference, this recipe only takes a few minutes longer. And it works with either honey or sugar, and any kind of vegetable oil you like. I mostly use extra light olive oil.

Having a warm spot to rise your dough helps it grow faster and I’m lucky to have a warming drawer in my kitchen but I have some other ideas on where you can rise dough in my blog. I hope the bread industry isn’t mad at me because so many people have said, “I don’t buy bread any more,” and that includes me. Between my no knead breads and whole wheat loaves, I always bake my own bread and I’m saving money… and spending it on spatulas! I hope you’ll try my honey wheat bread and somebody send me a picture! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. shelburn

    This is my go-to bread recipe. I use it for one loave bread or have made bagette-shaped loaves. It is such an easy recipe and I love wheat bread,
    the yeast failed on me once or twice (I have a cool kitchen in an old house) but then I cut thin slices and toast in an iron skillet and use like crackers or use cubes in stuffing, I love a lot of Jennie’s recipes!!

  2. Blanche

    any chance this bread recipe can be used to make your hamburger buns? I love all your recipes and have made all your breads, and my family loves it all too. thank you Jenny for all that you are, and all that you do.

  3. Johna

    Can I double this recipe to make two loafs?

  4. Johna

    I made this wonderful bread, it was delicious. I all most had a fire in my kitchen lol. I put the loaf in the oven to rise, covered with a towel. After about 15 minutes I said to myself I need to preheat the oven (forgetting the bread was already in the oven. The fire alarm went off, scaring me to death, looking all around to see where the fire was! Then I remembered the bread was in the oven with the towel over it. shut the oven off took the bread out of the oven, with the towel smoking. I thought I ruined the bread. Left in on top of stove trying to quit shaking. After a while I noticed the bread was rising. YAY. Went ahead and baked it.

    • Too funny,3am laughing my head off.thats too funny!

      Too funny,laughing my head off 3am!!!

  5. Randa Silveira

    Hi Jenny! This is my very first time baking bread. I just popped it in the oven. It smells wonderful in here, fngers crossed!

  6. Linda

    This bread doesn’t rise quickly. Any suggestions… I heated my oven to 100 and put the bread in to rise took an hour and I don’t think it rose enough

  7. Erik

    This bread came out wonderfully!! Flavor & texture spot on! Very easy to prepare. I did a sugar/honey mix but kept with the rest of the recipe. Thank you so much for this simple but effective recipe that produces such a great outcome!!

  8. Debby

    What is the nutritional content of this bread

    • Dawn

      I used the Very Well Fit recipe calculator here: (https://www.verywellfit.com/recipe-nutrition-analyzer-4157076) where you enter all the ingredients and it tells you the nutrition. Mine came out to 83 calories per slice if you slice the loaf into 12 generous pieces, and I used whole milk so the recipe with lowfat milk would be less per slice. I use this recipe calculator for all of Jenny’s recipes and it works great.

  9. Bonnie Blake

    Bought myself a Kitchenaid mixer and have been making your whole wheat bread every week since I bought the machine. Seeing you make the bread in your video totally convinced me that I needed the kitchenaid as it looked so darn easy. Have found that I was having a real problem rising the bread and discovered that using the microwave with boiling water in it really does a fabulous job. Would love to add oatmeal to this whole wheat bread recipe and wondering if you’ve tried that?? Love your video’s and your recipes…

    • Pat

      Bet you are really happy to have a Kitchenaid mixer!!!

    • Johna

      I just saw your comment about bread. Have you tried the Honey Health Bread? It has oats ,honey, cottage cheese and nuts, by Pillsbury. If you want the recipe I’ll send it to you.


    Can I leave this bread overnight and bake in the a m

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I don’t know. You may have to look at other recipes to see if any of them do an overnight rest.

  11. CeCe

    Made the bread today but made it in the small pans. Very Good! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Josh

    Your bread looks wonderful, and thanks again for the thermometer tip. There are some newer ovens that now have a function for rising bread. I find it interesting, but I have not personally tried one yet. Living in Vegas, I might just opt for sitting it outside, although it’s been pretty cold lately 🙂

  13. Grandpa's wife

    Do you happen to have any nutrition information for your recipes ? or recipes geared toward diabetics ? No matter the case I am going to try the 90 min. bread for certain ! Thank you for recipes and very clear instructions.

    • Jenny

      Sorry, I do not have nutritional info for my recipes.

  14. BJ..Dog

    BJ.. Dog…………..

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