Oct 9, 2014

Homemade Apple Pie

Best Apple Pie Recipe

My homemade apple pie is so good, when anyone finds out I made one they invite themselves over. No shame. No made up stories. They just say, “I heard you made pie. I’m coming over.” Homemade apple pie is the most famous American dessert and what a treat it is when it’s made from scratch, especially a deep dish apple pie like mine. No matter how much money you have, there is no place you can buy apple pie like homemade. And this is a healthier apple pie because there is no butter anywhere. The crust is made with olive oil!

I used to be intimidated about making pie and it was always about the crust. Not only was is tricky to do with the ice water method, but who wants to eat all that shortening or butter? Once I discovered that an oil crust is not only flaky and delicious, but super easy to make, that’s all I use now (try my chicken pot pie).

With an oil crust most recipes say to pat the crust into the pan but I say put it between wax paper and roll it out. This way it’s an even thickness and you just have to trim the edges. Another thing I like about oil crusts is you can patch it wherever there is a hole or crack. Just put some extra dough there and press. Actually, you HAVE  to roll the dough to make apple pie because you need a flat top crust. It has to be one flat piece that’s rolled out and you just lay it on top, crimp, brush with milk, sprinkle on some sugar, cut some vents, and bake.

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 8.56.37 PMThis pie bakes for almost an hour so you need to protect the edges of the crust from burning. That requires a pie ring or shield like the one pictured below.

They sell for about $5 and are much easier to use than making your own out of foil. But if you need to make your own, the easiest way is to cut a circle of foil that’s large enough to cover the whole pie and then cut a big crcle in the center, leaving the entire center of the pie exposed and just the edges of the pie crust covered. Tuck the rest of the foil under the rim, just like the photo below.

Fresh out of the oven, the center crust looks perfect...but how is the edge?

For anyone not familiar with tapioca, it is a starchy substance used in puddings and as a thickener but if you can’t find it you can use all-purpose flour instead.


I hope you like this recipe. How about this? Next time you’re invited to a family member’s house for dinner, offer to bring dessert. Show up with a homemade deep dish apple pie and watch what happens. There won’t be enough. Your cousins will be arm-wrestling for the last piece. They’ll want you to run for mayor! That’s the power of homemade apple pie. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. esther

    a bit of historical minutiae: my mother at 100 was still baking..she was a master baker her entire life..good, European tortes, cakes, tarts, breads, cookies..not the overly sacharine goo that North Americans prefer..always conscious of fat, health not only sugar. It was after she died aged 102 that I (thanks to Covid?) tried my hand at the craft. Unfortunately I have only my mistakes to learn from. When I think how much I could have learned from her over the years.. but she lacked the patience to teach a totally disinterested daughter. Eastern philosophy teaches that when you are ready, a teacher will appear. Apparently I was ready and you, the teacher, appeared. I stocked up on many utensils which my mom never had use for..
    She was old school…I am kindergarten.
    Thanks for doing what you do with such ease. It’s much appreciated.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Thank you for your kind words but more importantly, for reminding us to take the time to learn from our elders while we can.

  2. esther

    your my go-to..

  3. Joanne Mauldin

    I made your apple pie. I made my own pie crust, very easy recipe. Still cooling, can’t wait to taste it.
    you have so many easy recipes. I certainly will try a lot of them.


  4. Lynn Crouse

    I make your pie crust, but, I dampen the counter with a damp cloth. This way the wax paper stays and does not move around. I also leave the wax paper on the dough. Pick up the wax paper with the dough attached and invert onto pie dish or top of pie. Place as wanted and then peel the wax paper off.

    I love all your recipes.


  5. Fina from Brampton, Ontario

    Hi Jenny. Thanks for your recipes. Love the videos. Yesterday I made the blueberry pancakes – loved them; later in the day I made the whole wheat loaf and it was great as well. This morning I made the hash brown and the apple pie. Now the crust didn’t turn out well at all. I measured carefully and it was very crumbly and not “stretchable. The apples were not cooked enough but were tasty. I will however try again.
    Any ideas what went wrong?
    Thanks again for your work of passion. I also love to cook

  6. Maria

    Jenny, thank you for so many wonderful recipes. I have learned tips that make my baking and cooking fun and a little easier. You always put a smile on my face. I am going to bake your apple pie with your oil crust. Company will be here for New Years.

    Please don’t ever stop making your videos. You make my time in the kitchen not so intimidating. I am so happy I met you. God bless you always!

  7. Virginia

    Is the bottom of the crust flaky .I do not like a soggie bottom crust .

  8. Virginia

    Is the bottom of the crust flakes.I do not like a soggie bottom crust .

  9. bernadette

    Can I freeze this pie crust to use later?

  10. Sherrie Applonie

    I love your wonderful u-tube cooking show! Thank you so much for
    the knowledge, the entertainment & luscious recipes & of course all your
    Handy hints! I am 86, wish I could have found you years ago, so My family & I could have been enjoying your talent all this while! With all good wishes &
    Success always! Sherrie Applonie from the State of Nevada

  11. jo

    I cannot wait to make your simple apple pie. My apple pies all seem to be too soupy when I cut them. Love your videos. I’ve learned so much as you make everything so simple. Thanks

  12. Patricia

    I also have made my crusts with vegetable oil or canola oil with very good results, but I will try it next time with olive oil. Could I please have your.chicken pie recipe since with cooler fall weather in New England, looking forward to some comfort food. Thanks for sharing

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Do not use regular olive oil, only extra light olive oil or another vegetable oil. My chicken pot pie recipe is posted.

  13. Rose

    .what size pie pan did you use? To you. Rose

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I use a deep dish 9-inch pie pan (Emile Henry brand).

  14. Polly

    After following your recipe for Apple pie I can’t wait to bake one myself!
    Also, I am looking forward to more of your great ideas and thank you for your excellent presentation.

  15. Bonnie

    You are wonderful
    Thank you for the Apple pie recipe

  16. Ingrid

    February 6, 2016

    Hi Jenny,

    A couple days ago my brother brought me a full basket apples out of his garden. I happened to see that same evening the movie “Labor day” where Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet are making a delicious peach pie and that gave me the idea also to make a pie but with using the apples from my brother instead of peaches.
    Eventually I found on the internet your video on YouTube and also your recipe about to make a homemade apple pie. Yesterday I decided to bake one.
    This morning it really looked and more importantly tasted magnificent!
    Great recipe and a healthy alternative using olive oil instead of butter. Thank you so much!
    You’ve got a new friend from Belgium who’s crazy about American apple pie!

  17. Pamela

    Hi Jenny,
    This is a great apple pie recipe. I loved the fact that it is a healthy alternative using olive oil instead of butter and shortening
    I live in the Caribbean and I am very particular about my diet so this recipe suits me.
    I made the pie about 2 hours ago and couldn’t wait to sample it.
    PS: Jenny I would like to see the recipe for a sponge cake made without
    butter and very little sugar

  18. Rita

    Instead Tapioca, can I use Corn starch as a thickener. Does it make any difference?

    • Jenny

      Flour would be a better choice as a substitute for tapioca.

  19. Debbie

    Jenny I just love your videos and your recipes. You are so entertaining and funny and your set is so clean and colorful. I also love the fact that you are so professional and don’t say uh and you know every other word like a lot of people do in their videos. I picked all the rest of the granny smith apples off my little tree and I’m going to make your pie tomorrow. Thank you so much for so many free recipes I have copied you won’t believe how many.

  20. sue

    That looks amazing! I wanted to share something with you. Yesterday morning I made your lemon bars. Anyway, we had unexpected company in the afternoon and needless to say they ate them all:( you received so many compliments and I was so happy for you. And today I’m going to make them again because me and mike only got one each. 🙂 thanks so much for your incredible recipes! !

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