Jan 31, 2019

Healthier Hot Dog Buns

Guess what? You can make healthier hot dog buns at home and it’s super easy. I made soft whole wheat hot dog buns using my Simple Whole Wheat Bread recipe (the popular one that’s soft and delicious and takes 90 minutes) and this takes even less time because they bake in 12 minutes.

Homemade Hot Dog BunsI made the dough and instead of shaping it into a loaf, I cut it into 8 pieces. I decided to make 4 sandwich rolls and 4 hot dog buns so I shaped four into circles and four into about 7-inch long rolls. I covered them with a towel and let them rise in a warm spot until doubled (about 35-40 minutes).

Healthier Hot Dog BunsHere’s how beautifully they doubled in size.

Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns

Then I baked them for 12 minutes at 375° F. If you want to make easy, soft whole wheat hot dog buns that are healthier than any you can buy, click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

p.s. For super-soft homemade hot dog buns you can always use my Simple White Bread recipe.

8 Comments on "Healthier Hot Dog Buns"

  1. terri

    these turned out well, but prompted me to put butter & molasses on them…. store bought wheat hot dog buns dont taste like dinner rolls…..i dont know what the difference is but like these every recipe i find tastes more like dinner rolls

  2. Taletha

    The recipe calls for 2.5 cups of flour total, but the directions only indicate adding 1/4 cup. ???

    • Robin Ramirez

      the 1/4 C is additional flour you may need on your counter top to shape the dough.

    • Jenny Can Cook

      You start with 2.5 cups of flour (it does not say total) and add 1/4 cup at the end. I hope that helps.

  3. Nancy

    Hi Jenny

    I am struggling a lot with this recipe for hot dog buns. My dough is uber sticky and I measured carefully both times I’ve tried this. It sticks to counter, bowl, my hands – everywhere!! Are you sure this is the correct amount of flour per the wet ingredients? I have added a lot of extra flour plus the quarter cup both times during the kneading and it is still sticky? Thanks so much.

    • Brooklyn

      You’re not alone. I’m having that same issue today for the first time. I’ve added what seems like an extra cup of flour while mixing by hand (I used AP & white whole wheat) and STILL had to add more when kneading. The dough is resting now, so here’s hoping. It was low 90s here today and maybe it’s more humid than usual? We’ll see how it goes.

      • Brooklyn

        Update: they came out beautifully. I don’t know how, but they are fluffy and delicious. And almost gone!

    • Kathryn

      This is the fourth or fifth of Jenny’s bread recipes I’ve made. They’re all delicious. For me, the following steps make a sticky dough easier to work without adding too much extra flour, which can dry out the dough. First, use a silicone dough scraper lightly rubbed with oil to turn the sticky dough from the bowl to a lightly dusted work surface. Next, keep a small bowl of fresh tap water on the table and dip your fingers in it to moisten them before touching the dough; re-dip as needed while kneading. With a sticky dough, moist fingers make for easier kneading. I also keep a little flour handy to sprinkle lightly as needed, should I inadvertently get too much water on my hands or the dough.

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