Jan 14, 2016

Healthier Boston Cream Pie

Healthier Boston Cream Pie RecipeGuess what? I just made a Boston cream pie without no butter at all. And it’s awesome! The cake is super easy (it’s my easy one-bowl yellow cake), the creamy custard filling takes about 5 minutes to make, and the chocolate glaze comes together in minutes. Put them all together and you have a luscious dessert that looks fancy but you can make it at home.

But this is not a pie. They should call it Boston cream cake. Whatever you call it, I call it delicious. It starts with my easy yellow cake made in a 9-inch round pan. It’s best to line the pan with parchment paper and for convenience, I buy pre-cut parchment paper that’s sold in 8 and 9-inch rounds, but you can always cut your own.

971070I grease the pan (it’s non-stick but I always grease it for cakes), put in the paper, and grease the paper. When you do that, cake removal is a breeze. The reason I spread the custard filling onto a dinner plate is just to help it cool faster but you can also put it into a bowl to cool. If you leave it in the saucepan, it will take a lot longer to cool down. One other thing I highly recommend is the use of a cake strip. You will never have overdone and dry edges when you bake using one of these strips. Here’s more on cake strips. And finally, always be sure to aerate your flour before measuring. Here’s more on that.

One of my favorite desserts (which I avoid) is a chocolate eclair but I can get my fix with this Boston cream pie because it tastes just like a chocolate eclair. And it has no butter at all! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

5 Comments on "Healthier Boston Cream Pie"

  1. Susan??

    Have you ever made cream slices with the puff pastry top and bottom? Cream filling in middle? Thanks Jenny!

  2. Susan

    Hi Jenny, love your recipes, the meatloaf and the cabbage rolls are my 2 favorites. I am looking for a low calorie applesauce cake but didn’t find one on your site, do you have one? Also, do you have the calorie count in the Boston Cream “Pie”? Thanks.


  3. Diane

    Thank You Jenny I’ve just come across your bread makings very cool! Now your Boston CREAM is going to make this LENT A TOUGH ONE!!! Jenny I also found a book you wrote,Look Good Feel Great Cook Book, thank you again , God Bless you.

  4. Irma

    Why does the cream filling have to be poured onto a dinner plate. I’m not a cake baker but would love to try this ” pie”.

    • Jenny

      Spreading the custard out on a large plate just helps it cool faster by exposing it to more air but you can cool it in a bowl too.

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