Nov 26, 2017

Have Some Crudite

Colorful Healthy Crudite Did you eat too much turkey? Is that second piece of pumpkin pie still haunting you? Have some crudite.

Most of us probably didn’t eat enough vegetables over Thanksgiving weekend. Green bean casserole is mostly casserole and not a lot of beans. And aren’t candied yams really a dessert? Thanksgiving dinner is a great tradition and I enjoyed mine just like everyone else, as well as the leftovers but there’s a big container of fresh vegetables in my fridge right now. I always keep crudite on hand but I made extra today.

Vegetables are our lifeline to good health and when you have colorful veggies ready as a snack, you’re doing a lot of good for your long term health. I mix the colors because each color has its own health benefit: yellow & orange for eyes and lungs, red for memory and immunity, green for bones and teeth, purple & blue for aging and blood pressure and that’s just naming a few. Eating a variety of colored vegetables will provide a variety of different antioxidants that can help keep us well.

Eating vegetables every day, both fresh and cooked, is like an insurance policy for your health. And fresh crudite is not only appealing to look at, it’s delicious.  Keep and container of fresh veggies in your fridge and see how fast they disappear! – Jenny Jones

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  1. Sharon

    Hello Jenny, Did you stop doing cooking videos on YouTube? If so, and if you haven’t checked, you have over 2 million views. Have you considered your own cooking show on television?

    • Jenny

      Actually, it’s over 33 million views and I never expected my videos to be so popular. I just made them for fun but it took a lot of time, having to transform my kitchen, prep everything, etc. and I can never seem to find the time, so I have no immediate plans to make more videos. It’s possible in the future but not likely. And a TV cooking show is out of the question. There’s no time for that either but I will continue to post occasional recipes on this website. Thanks for asking. ?

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