Nov 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Good luck to everyone who took on the challenge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a little humor to make you smile.

I have so much in life to be thankful for but I also want to say how grateful I am to everyone who jumps in to help answer questions and help other cooks. It’s become impossible for me to keep up with all the questions, and sometimes I don’t know the answer anyway. Between this website and my youtube videos, I have over 1/2 million visitors every week, something I never expected. So thank you for helping me out.

~ Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and fellow cooks. ~

4 Comments on "Happy Thanksgiving 2018"

  1. Rhonda

    Must be overwhelming at times to try to keep up with things, but you are doing something you love doing and it’s good you’re not a quitter. I’m sure people are grateful you didn’t give up sharing your recipes to the world when it became too much. I find it amazing your recipes are being made in other countries also but I’m not surprised. The recipes you share are just too good to not try…
    I’m a bit late posting but I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Christmas is not too far away and then a brand New Year after ?

  2. Annette Hachey

    Hi Jenny, love your recipes, especially the no knead bread. Could you please develop a no knead gluten free bread recipe. If it’s possible, I know you would be the one to do it! Thank you very much and happy thanksgiving to you ☺

  3. Dalila G.

    How funny and true are these comics!

  4. Barb Arden

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny!

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