Mar 15, 2017

Gluten Free No Knead Bread – Does it Work?

No Knead Gluten Free BreadDoes gluten-free no knead bread work? In my opinion… no. I’ve been asked so many times about it I decided to try it. I bought some gluten-free flour and followed my recipe for Faster No Knead Bread. The dough was stickier than my regular recipe and I did not think it would bake up well at all. But to my surprise, it did bake into a round “boule.” So it looked pretty good but how did it taste?

The loaf was smaller and heavier than my original, and when I sliced into it, the inside was dense and chewy, without the traditional big holes and it didn’t taste anything like the original recipe. The texture and taste were disappointing to me and nobody else wanted to eat it either. So I hope my little experiment helps answer this common question: Can you make gluten free Dutch oven bread? I say you can make it but you won’t like it. There are plenty of gluten-free bread recipes out there but I do not recommend this one. – Jenny Jones

5 Comments on "Gluten Free No Knead Bread – Does it Work?"

  1. Rosalee

    I am NOT gluten intolerant, I am wheat, dairy and egg intolerant
    I have found a sub for milk (oat milk) and eggs (chia)
    but to date MISS my rustic bread
    I have tried some of the stuff out there and it is UGLY
    and expen$ive, tasteless mess
    I do like BFree but hard to find
    so I am trying to perhaps make bread/torillas at home

  2. Judith

    I would like to know about using one s own ground oat flour, this is gluten
    free, and its full fiber. How would I go about making your no knead bread?

    I have made you receipt, it was the very first no knead bread I have ever
    made. It was beautiful to say the least.

    Would you be able to help me with this. Senior baker, the long style
    everything thing.

    • Rosalee

      I would love to make bread with oat flour. . . .
      so far really like oat milk (particularly Chobani)
      but have not found any bread save for BFree worth anything

  3. Patsy Janik

    Hi Jenny, I noticed your answer about gluten free bread was from 2017, have you tried it again since then?

  4. Pete Pavlis

    Jenny I made your amazing “no knead bread”. It was easy and came out great

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