Jan 31, 2013

Gary has a lasagna question

hey jenny,

im going to make a chicken pesto lasagna what kind of cheese should I use? and can I use green peppers and onions will that mess up the taste of the pesto I wanna keep it simple and I don’t want to use red sauce so if you have any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My Response…

Chicken pesto lasagna sounds great! Part skim mozarella is naturally low in fat and melts nicely in lasagna. It’s what I use on my pizza. I would not use green peppers with pesto for their strong taste. If you want to keep it simple, I would just use the noodles, ricotta, chicken, mozarella, and pesto. I wouldn’t even use onion because pesto is such a distinctive flavor. One other possible addition would be fresh spinach since it’s the base for pesto and can’t compete with the flavor. Spinach also kicks up the nutrition. Good luck with it. If you mess it up, just mash it all up and call it a casserole!


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  1. Bobbie

    Can your lazy lasagna be frozen…at what point? Before or after cooking?
    Any pointers for cooking the lasagna..
    BTW, I love the name.

  2. Bette

    Sounds good!
    I have a lasagna noodle question—I’ve seen recipes that are “no boil”. Have you ever tried that? I’ve been tempted but with the time and effort it takes for overall preparation, I’m afraid to risk unsatisfactory results.

    • Jenny

      I don’t make lasagna because it does take so much prep but I do make a casserole that usually takes cooked noodles (see my “Best Casserole” on youtube). It also uses meat sauce and cheese and I tried using uncooked dry noodles once and it came out just the same. I’ve always been told that the no-boil noodles work really well, in fact I’ve had a box in my pantry for over a year to try a lasagne but can’t bring myself to do all the work. Maybe your question will motivate me. 🙂 I admire you for making the real deal. Please let me know if it works.

      • Bette

        It’s too much work, isn’t it? I only make it twice a year — Christmas Eve and my older son’s birthday. I’ll give your casserole a try:>)

        • Rhonda

          Jenny “Best Casserole” is delicious. I had family over one night and made Jenny’s dish and they liked it so much they took some home with them. Great recipe and sooo easy to make 🙂

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