Oct 27, 2014

French Canadian Pea Soup

French Canadian Pea Soup Recipe

No ham hocks here. This soup is traditionally made with ham hocks but I think it’s best to avoid the saturated fat and nitrates they contain so I don’t use them. But my French Canadian pea soup is still plenty delicious. In fact, I don’t even use stock… just plain water. This recipe is simple and uses ingredients it’s easy to keep on hand plus my soup cooks in about 45 minutes instead of two to three hours that some recipes take.

Although I grew up in Canada, I had never heard of French Canadian pea soup. I come from Ontario and this soup is a Quebec specialty. I discovered it during a cruise we were taking through the maritime provinces of Canada. Our last stop was Quebec City and that’s where I first discovered this hearty, delicious soup. I had been enjoying the cruise around the islands but not the food on the luxury ship. It was too fancy for me and not healthy at all with lots of flambeed things and sauces I didn’t want. I missed my own cooking so much. I just wanted a big bowl of soup. I love soup.

While exploring Quebec City we found a small family restaurant with homemade soup on the menu and their specialty was pea soup. I couldn’t get inside fast enough. I ordered the soup and as soon as I took the first bite I knew I had to make this when I got home. No truffle oil. No “foie de” whatever! It’s peasant food. I love simple peasant food. It’s what I think most people really enjoy eating and why I think so many seem to like my recipes.

Now that autumn is here, a thick and filling soup like this is perfect. Sometimes, it’s all we have for a light dinner. And every time I make it, I remember that little restaurant in Quebec City with the homemade soup. As for any future cruises, I will only go when I can have a cabin with my own kitchen!Ā Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

12 Comments on "French Canadian Pea Soup"

  1. Sharon

    Trying and trying to find out about the recipe on page 68 for chicken soup.
    You say to discard the meat and veggies, do you put them back in or is it just broth. No picture on page 69 to see what it looks like.
    Sure would be nice if you could give an answer.

  2. Nettie. D. Givens

    Love all of “Jenny can cook” easy to follow and takes time to
    Explain I’m a 79 yr.old great great grandMother and still feel proud
    When little ones ask for pea soup funny green coloršŸ¤—

  3. Marion

    I have had split yellow peas that simply stayed hard even after 3 hours of cooking. It seems they must have been old peas which I bought at a health food store. Went back to my peas from the super market – NuPac brand – and they cook just fine. Sometimes needs a little extra time .

  4. Mary Ann

    I used whole dried peas. Soached them overnight and used them in the soup. After 90 minutes the peas were not cooked. Should I have pre-cooked them without salt for 60 minutes prior to making this recipe?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      Sorry, I have only used split peas so I don’t know.

  5. Shelley

    First off let me say I am loving your recipes. I am going to try your French Canadian pea soup recipe but I have tried so many recipes where the peas stay hard. Is there a specific pea brand you use. I have even tried soaking them and they stay hard. Any hints I can try?

    • Jenny

      Why not try my recipe first. Any problems after that, let me know but I think you will find the peas nice and soft. The only brand of split peas my store carries is Springfield so that’s what I use.

  6. Francine

    Hi!Jenny i want to thank you for that healty pea soup,

  7. Roz Brown

    Thank you Jenny! Just what the doctor ordered! I LOVE pea soup and this recipe made last evening was simply devine. I especially adore hearty, thick soups, but without the fat, of course. . . keep it coming, pretty-chef-gal, helping us to eat healthier and more trim.

  8. V. Stoen

    I love yellow and green split soup also known as “Habitant ” soup . Last Friday I made a HUGE pot and pressured canned it in my ” All American ” pressure canner that I love to use . Some years back I made up a pot of habitant soup along with fresh homemade crusty garlic bread , OMG I was hooked with this combo of favors ! Thanks Jenny for sharing your recipes can’t hardly for the next one !

  9. Mary

    My husband and I were just talking about yellow pea soup. On Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014 we purchased a bag of yellow peas. He thought it would be nice to find a healthy recipe without the fat. Today, I received your wonderful recipe and will give it a try. Your recipes are very healthy and have helped me take off ten pounds in six weeks. Keep up the excellent work.
    P.S. We are originally from Welland, Ontario, Canada and now live in Nevada.
    Thank you Jenny

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