Feb 8, 2013

Foodies from Afar

I’ve had the most fun seeing where my website visitors are located. Besides all of the U.S. and Canada, other visitors have been from England, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Greece, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Egypt, Poland, Malaysia, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Philipines, Portugal, Barbados, India, Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Bermuda, Syria, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Latvia, Morocco, Macedonia, Malta, Nigeria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Trinidad, and Panama.  Look what the Internet can do! Thanks to everyone for visiting!

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2 Comments on "Foodies from Afar"

  1. Rhonda

    You’re a great cook. What more can you say 😉
    Glad you are getting lots of visitors from afar. I’m sure they are loving your recipes. I know I am…

  2. Andy

    They wouldn’t even have to speak English — just look at your yummy photos.

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