May 5, 2013

Feeling Lucky? Win my free cookbook!

It’s so much fun going to ethnic food shops and there’s an Italian deli in Burbank where I found this beautiful organic artisan linguini from Puglia, Italy. It’s colored with beetroot, turmeric, spinach, and paprika.

ColPasta_9308The dough is hand-crafted, extruded through bronze dyes and then air dried. I couldn’t bring myself to cover up this beautiful pasta with a red sauce so I decided to use a simple olive oil & garlic mix so you could still see the stunning design and colors, not to mention what an awesome and healthy topping this is for any pasta. It’s a simple recipe which I’ll be posting next week. Oh… I almost forgot… the contest:

GUESS HOW LONG IT WOULD MEASURE IF YOU PLACED THESE NOODLES END TO END (DRY, BEFORE COOKING). The package contained 8.8 ounces and the noodles were almost an inch wide before cooking.

~ Whoever comes closest, whether over or under, wins my cookbook.
~ The winner will be posted Tuesday. Good luck!

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29 Comments on "Feeling Lucky? Win my free cookbook!"

  1. Rhonda

    Just got back from vacation today and almost missed your contest. Hope I’m not to late…

    I’m gonna guess 25 feet

  2. Cambridge Somerville

    15 feet

  3. Joe

    Im going to guess 18 feet.

    Just wanted to say I love your site, going to make your fresh tortillas tonight 🙂

  4. Florencia

    17.5 feet

  5. addrienne mertens

    120 inches

  6. Netasha P

    (I Soo want some of this pasta too).
    I guess 8′ 5.2″ on the length of the pasta.
    I too would put it in a pretty jar to display.

  7. MrsNews

    15 ft 2 in

    I think I would just keep this in a glass jar for decoration.

  8. piashantee

    1in x 14.5ft

  9. Debbie Bates

    20 feet

  10. Jenny


  11. Kimee

    10.5 ft.

  12. Tonett

    14 ft.

  13. Deb Sandford

    16 ft

  14. Danny

    I’d say 16 feet

  15. Anne


    • Anne

      Very pretty btw ….. I would buy this in a heart beat !

  16. Carolyn Garthaus

    35 ft.

  17. Traci

    22 feet 4 inches

  18. Cathy J

    32 feet

  19. Kathy

    15 ft 5 in

  20. Belinda Green

    16ft 3 in.

  21. Heather Terpening

    300 feet

  22. Lisa


  23. Candace Evans

    17 feet

  24. julie pflum

    10ft 8in

  25. Boomer Jackson

    12 ft

  26. jean norrie

    15 ft

  27. Jackie Kersten


  28. Chris Nowicki

    12 ft. 6 in.

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