Mar 26, 2016

Easy Whole Wheat Rolls

Easy Recipe Whole Wheat RollsCan you use my Simple Whole Wheat Bread recipe to make rolls? YES! I finally tried it today and that quick & easy bread recipe that everybody loves makes fabulous rolls. I used the exact same recipe but after the 10-minute rest, instead of shaping the dough into a loaf, I cut it into 18 pieces, shaped them into balls, and placed them in a greased 9 x 13-inch baking pan and covered the pan with plastic wrap, like this…
IMG_8309 copyThen I put it in a warm spot to double in size. After 45 minutes, it looked like this…

IMG_8312 copyThen I baked my rolls in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F. for about 16 minutes (I would suggest 15 to 17 minutes). And they were delicious. I sampled one (I was beautifully soft) and then I brushed some melted butter on some of them, and they looked like this…

IMG_8344 copyThey are delicious either way and super easy to make. The whole thing took less than two hours. Click here for the recipe, and Happy Easter! – Jenny Jones

20 Comments on "Easy Whole Wheat Rolls"

  1. Diana R

    I have tried other recipes but could not get perfect bread using the yeast. However, I viewed yours and tried the rolls recipe and I was so delighted that I finally got my perfect rolls. Thank you very much.

  2. Lea

    Can I make ahead and freeze?

  3. Lal

    Are you making videos of your recent recipes?

  4. Becky

    Thanks for the tips on how to use your whole wheat bread recipe even to a beginner, you are perfect. However, I want to know if one do not have to add baking powder as one of the ingredients?

    • Jenny

      When baking with yeast you would never include baking powder. Yeast is what makes the bread rise so there is no need for baking powder. Baking powder is used for cakes or muffins or quick breads that do not use yeast.

  5. Ellen

    Do you sift your flour before making the bread recipes? I assumed that’s what you meant by aerate the flour but just checking. Thanks.

  6. Anne

    do you have a no knead recipe for a multiseed loaf please?

  7. Maggie

    Love your easy receipes however I am a visual person & am missing you on YouTube – come back soon!

  8. Martha

    Love your recipes! I don’t have a mixer though so wondering if I can make these rolls without..with good old fashion elbow grease:)


    • Jenny

      Yes, you can make this by hand but you will have to knead longer, until the dough is smooth and elastic.

  9. ANITA

    Hi Jenny love your recipes and especially the bread ones. I have made the No Knead Bread and it is excellent. Love all your recipes. Great work and well done.

  10. Camie

    Hi Jenny, Thanks for the tips on how to use your whole wheat bread recipe to make rolls. It is my favorite recipe for bread whether white or white whole wheat and I’ve wondered how to make rolls with it and how long to bake them.
    Its a winner any way its made.

  11. Elizabeth

    ? Happy Easter Jenny ! ? Love whole wheat – these rolls look amazing !

  12. Connie

    Those look so yummy, I can’t wait to try them. Have a blessed Easter!

  13. eaglegreen

    I really like that you post pictures of how things look, it really helps increase my self-confidence in my learning to bake breads! Thank you. e.

  14. 1 Happy Granny

    Just by luck I clicked on one of your Youtube videos. Thank God! I have tried a couple of your recipes and they are just fabulous. I am a bread fanatic/addict and I feel there is something primal about being able to make our own bread. Your recipes are wonderful, easy enough for beginners, and totally perfect.

    Your videos are cute and fun. Please keep making them. How about a cooking show on the food network?
    A very grateful fan, Karen

    • "DC"

      Couldn’t agree with you more, 1 Happy Granny. Just by happenstance, I ‘found’ “Jenny Can Cook” when I was web-surfing for ‘best granola recipes.’ And it was: the best granola I ever tasted. And so easy.
      Three times I looked for a ‘best recipe’ and each time one of Jenny’s was in the lineup. Three was the charm; it linked to Jenny’s website, then all the dots connected.
      I love visiting this website; it feels like a community.
      It takes real genius to make seemingly daunting things easy and fun. That’s the magic of Jenny.
      And the big surprise bonus for me: Polish childhood favorites!
      Dziekuje bardzo, Jenny!!!
      Polish-Canadian (S. Ontario) in Silicon Valley, CA

  15. France

    Hi Jenny,
    I love your website but when are you going to make a video in youtube ? I find that you are not making enough video, you’re funny to see and the way you explain the method of your recipe seem more easy.
    If i can say it more directly, i look at your videos more than you site.
    Thanks for sharing, and please make more videos !

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