Feb 8, 2018

Easy Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread

 Easy Sprouted Wheat BreadI’m so excited to share this new recipe. It’s very similar to my hugely popular simple whole wheat bread recipe. I’ve been curious about baking with sprouted wheat flour and finally decided to give it a try. What a wonderful surprise!

This loaf is soft and delicious with a great texture, and definitely softer than the regular whole wheat version. The dough is a little softer too so I was afraid it might not turn out, but I love it not just for the great taste and texture but because I researched the benefits of sprouted whole wheat flour compared to whole wheat flour. Sprouted whole wheat flour has…

  • More fiber
  • More protein
  • Less gluten
  • More vitamins than regular whole wheat flour, like B, C & carotene
  • More minerals than regular whole wheat flour, like calcium, iron, magnesium & zinc
  • Enzymes that make it easier to digest
  • More flavor because the grains are sprouted

WHAT IS SPROUTED WHEAT FLOUR? Wheat grains are allowed to sprout before milling, producing a living, nutrient-rich food because vitamins & minerals develop that enhance nutrition and digestibility. The major benefit is that those nutrients are in a state that can be more readily absorbed. (I find sprouted wheat flour at Whole Foods and it’s also available online. Once opened, be sure to keep it refrigerated.)

If you like my simple whole wheat bread, this sprouted wheat loaf is just as easy to make. I’m so glad I decided to experiment with sprouted wheat flour. This loaf is softer than the similar whole wheat loaf so if it’s too flimsy for you, try making it with half whole wheat flour and half sprouted whole wheat flour. It will have more body and a really great taste. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

11 Comments on "Easy Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread"

  1. Suzanne

    Can I put this on dough cycle on my bread machine, put it in a bread pan and let it rise then cook?


  2. Fran

    If I want to add nuts and raisins, will it affect the rising of the bread?

  3. Haima )'Connor

    it is the second that I am trying your bread. The first time it did not comeout so good so I am trying again,but I had just get a new kitchen aid and I was trying it so llet us see. I will letu know it is rising noe I am going to put in as your recipe says lets hope for the best. Halima

  4. Jay Ess

    Hi Jenny!

    I love your recipes. I’ve made practically all of them with great results, from sardine fish cakes to homemade tortillas.

    I’m about to try your Easy Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread recipe and my question is this: do you use the dough hook or the paddle to mix it?

    I usually use the dough hook for bread, but the recipe does not specify.

    Knowing you can’t answer right away, I’ll proceed with the dough hook.

    It would be good to know though.

    All the best!

    • Jay Ess

      Well the answer to that question became self evident very quickly: the paddle.

      And by the way, you were not mistaken in calling it ‘Easy’ Sprouted Wheat Bread.

      OMG! It was SO easy and fast. Everything just came together into this soft manageable dough. Amazing.

      It turned out just like in your picture.

      Wow. I love you, Jenny Jones! And yes you can cook!

      Thanks. You, your instructions and your recipes are awesome.

      #1 Fan here. ?

    • Nora

      I used the regular mixer blade till I got it all mixed then I switched to the dough hook. Hope this helps. Nora

  5. Richard J

    I just made this bread for the first time. When I removed it from the pan it looked like the top half was beginning to separate from the bottom. Your picture shows a slight line at the edge of the pan. Any ideas what I did wrong?
    I am new to baking so any suggestions would be helpful.
    Many thanks,
    Richard J

    • Jenny Can Cook

      It sounds like you might have let it rise too much before baking. Be sure it’s no more than 1 1/2 inches above the rim of the pan. It will look like it’s not enough but this bread puffs up a lot when baking. It may help of you look at my video of the similar whole wheat bread. https://www.jennycancook.com/recipes/simple-whole-wheat-bread/

      • Richard J

        Thank for your prompt reply to my message. I baked another loaf yesterday and it was much better. Not perfect but the flavor was great. I will continue to try your other recepies. Thank you for being in touch.
        Richard J.

  6. Connie

    I adore your recipes & your presentations.

    I’m so excited to bake this bread. I’ve been sprouting my own wheat, but the only recipe I have to use it is very time consuming.

    I have to put berries on to sprout this week & soon, I’ll be baking this beautiful bread.

    Thank you

  7. Michael

    Why can’t we sprout our own wheat? Can it be ground wet? I know that corn can. Or would it need to be dehydrated and then ground? Just thinking out loud.

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