Dec 27, 2013

Easy Pot Roast

Easy Pot Roast RecipeWhy do I love my pot roast? 1) It’s easy to make. 2) It all cooks in one pot.  3) It’s a complete meal. 4) It’s comfort food squared!

Old fashioned pot roast is a crowd pleaser and takes very little work. It’s mostly cooking time. Who doesn’t love meat that’s moist and tender with potatoes full of flavor? Okay, maybe your vegetarian friend. But meals like this pot roast are my favorite Sunday suppers. While it’s simmering in the oven, I have time to make a salad and dessert.

If you make pot roast, here are a few tips: Browning the meat is crucial for developing the best flavor. As for the liquid, I have made it with both beef stock and chicken stock (I usually make my own but I’ve also used unsalted store-bought stock). And the cooking time is very flexible. Feel free to cook it even longer depending on the cut of meat and how tender it’s becoming. Finally, adding salt is not always necessary.  It depends on  your stock and how much sodium it has, so test it near the end of cooking before adding salt. If you add too much, there’s no way to fix it.

Then there’s the leftovers! You can use the leftover meat in soup, a burrito, shepherd’s pie, nachos, Italian beef sandwiches, or just eat more pot roast! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

3 Comments on "Easy Pot Roast"

  1. Holly

    LOVE the recipes I have tried so far, Thank you.
    Q: when you say “stir in the vegetables” (Simple Pot Roast) I’m not sure if that means add to the pot, or actually stir the vegetables into the mixture of roast and liquid; which would probably break apart the roast. ?? Vegetables on top of the meat, or under the meat? Please advise for next go-round.
    Love your web sight

  2. sue

    Happy New Year JJ and Denis!! I wish you much continued success, health and happiness!!


  3. Rhonda

    We have turkey and ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I like making something different maybe something made from beef and I was considering making your beef stew since it’s freezing here but omg, I love making pot roast and I think I might try your recipe. It’s funny how things can be made with the same ingredients but yet taste different by how it’s made. It looks delicious, Jenny…

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