Nov 13, 2015

Easy pecan pie from scratch

Easy Pecan Pie With Oil CrustPecan pie doesn’t have to be complicated. Mine is simple and you don’t need any fancy ingredients. And it’s healthier too, with an olive oil crust. I used to make pie crusts the old way with either shortening or butter and ice water but an oil crust is so much easier. It’s quick and you can just pat it into the pan or I roll it between wax paper and then transfer it into the pan. By the way, the pan is never greased when you’re baking pie.

In this case I use a standard 9-inch pyrex glass pie pan and not a deep dish pan. My pecan pie filling is super simple. Everything goes into one bowl, stir for one minute and boom. Done. It uses less butter than most along with brown sugar, white sugar, and corn syrup but keep in mind that corn syrup IS NOT high fructose corn syrup. They don’t even sell HFCS to the public.

If you’re trying to bake without butter, I also have a completely butter-free pecan pie in my Baking Without Butter category. My two pies are exactly the same recipe except one uses butter in the filling and one uses a trans fat-free spread. For my butter-free filling I used Benecol. I baked both pies today for a blind taste test and I served a small slice of each one on the same plate. Guess what? Nobody could tell the difference! They are both so delicious, filled with lots of toasted pecans and a sweet, gooey filling. I’m definitely making my pecan pie for Thanksgiving this year, and probably Christmas too, and maybe my birthday… then there’s tax day… and well, you get the picture. Enjoy! Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

6 Comments on "Easy pecan pie from scratch"

  1. Chen

    Wow! Benecol! My husband’s favorite spread. The pie looks delicious. I am going to make one with the benecol for sure next week. Thanks for sharing! Your are the best!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


    theres no vanilla pudding available here in the philippines can you teach me how or any substitute please. thanks

  3. Josh

    I was actually looking for a pecan pie recipe, and I came here because I was wondering if you would suggest toasting the pecans first, or if it wasn’t necessary because they would be int he oven anyway. Since I see your recipe calls for toasted pecans that’s what I’ll do.

    Thanks Jenny, it looks great 🙂

  4. Kryshia

    Boy, oh boy, oh boy, hahha, yup, I am that same polish girl ,that asked for kluski with raw potatoes lol , I have been a busy girl, in the kitchen, notice I said girl,at 68 , and not old lady ?? lol ,and spanking my dough saying who ‘s your daddy , I enjoyed it so much ,hehehe and I have tried so many of your recipes , YOU ARE GREAT , and I hope this motivates you to keep going , cause you keep me going , I just have to try this new one pecan pie yummy, yummy, yummy . if I gain more weight? its all your fault , hhehehe but if I talk, and eat at the same time, maybe the calories won’t know what I am doing? and it wont count . lol Christine .

  5. Rhonda

    The top of the pie looks amazing. I like the fact you used half pecans instead of pieces. This is on my backlist of your recipes. I might try to squeeze it in and make it for Thanksgiving myself. I’m already busy making Turkey, dressing, gravy and yes your cranberry sauce, plus working in retail limits me to what I have time for for holiday cooking. I love pies home made. Store bought does not compare…

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