Apr 8, 2016

Easy No Knead Rye Bread

No Knead Rye BreadI never dreamed I could make my own rye bread as good as the one at the deli but I did. And it’s not only as good, it’s easy too… ¬†because there’s no kneading! I grew up on rustic breads and rye is my favorite, especially with caraway seeds¬†and now I’m making my own!

I have made this bread using the faster method using hot water, and also the overnight method that uses cool water. They both turn out the same. It’s not a big loaf, usually measuring 7 inches across and 3 inches tall.

Caraway seeds give it that “rye bread” taste but you can leave the seeds out and you still get a nice rustic farm bread. I think this is my 6th variation of no knead bread. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Mary

    I made the dough for the rye bread but I thought that I measured the water incorrectly because the dough was kind of tight. So I made another batch, carefully measuring this time. The dough came out the same way. Just as an experiment I added another half cup of water…..yes, looser dough. Well, I baked both of them and the one with more water was better for sandwiches because it was a little softer. The other loaf is denser and great for eating with dinner. A nice, delicious rustic loaf! Thank you so much for all of your delicious recipes. People always say that the bread in Florida is awful because of the water. No, it is because they are not using your recipes!

  2. Karen

    Jenny, I was wondering if you have a recipe for the rye bread that is not no knead. I do not have a dutch oven and I tried another bread in a big Pyrex Dish with a lid and it did not turn out well. I love your whole wheat bread recipe and make it all the time. But I also love rye bread. Thanks Karen

  3. Josie

    This bread was soooo good! Though I made it the long way (rising all night) the result was amazing! Flavorful & moist, I sure will make it again! Thank you for your great recepies Jenny! We love you!

  4. Kryshia

    Hi Jenny , when I discovered your site , and made your no knead bread , I started to make the rye bread ,I added one cup of dark rye to the 2 cups of white flour and gosh I got addicted I also grew up eating this rye bread AND NOW I AM MAKING IT MYSELF WOOO HOOOO .putting joking aside you inspire people you have never met , what a wonderful accomplishment , also Jenny I buy my flour that is stone milled right here in Thunder Bay Ontario , if you want to see what its about this is the site the addy is http://www.brulecreekfarms.ca they grind the grain with two pink granite stone mills . again ty ty ty so much I just made this rye bread have them on my counter and realized I don’t have my camera grrrrr .

  5. Brian B (UK)

    Jenny another great bread to try at this rate of baking I am now doing I will have to turm my garage into a bread shop. Love you Brian B XXX

  6. Dixie

    Thank you: will try it soon.

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