Apr 25, 2013

Easy-Clean Work Surface

Nate asks… Jenny, I notice in your YouTube videos you prepare your ingredients over what looks like a mat of sorts (the blue surface beneath all your bowls, etc.). What is it exactly and what would you recommend to help one cook mess-free, or at least with minimal mess? I’ve used nothing but paper towels.

My Response…

I think you’re referring to my latest video on chocolate brownies where the table cover is blue. That cover, as well as all the colorful table covers in my videos, are just fabric. They are either table cloths that I have or simply pieces of cotton I buy at the fabric store. And let me tell you this is not a practical way to cook mess-free because they all have to be washed after cooking and if any grease gets on them, it’s usually permanent. But I do the videos on a plywood table and it has to be covered with something. This isn’t much help to you but I do have one suggestion. At the fabric store, I’ve seen plastic yardage that I think is used for outdoor picnic tables. That might work for you by laying down a big sheet of  this plastic type cloth and when you’re done, just wipe the whole thing down. Hey, this just gave me an idea. I could use it in my videos!   – Jenny Jones

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