May 5, 2014

Custard Pudding

Vanilla Custard Pudding

Here’s my custard pudding that I should have called “Gone in 60 Seconds.” I can hardly wait for this delicious pudding to cool down before I inhale the first cup, and then the second cup is in luke warm jeopardy. I didn’t know if I should call it Custard Pudding or Vanilla Pudding (since there is no vanilla in the recipe) but it tastes like vanilla pudding, only waaaay better!

It’s easy to make pudding from scratch. This simple recipe uses only four ingredients and it’s stuff you likely have on hand. I don’t just have it for dessert. It’s the same custard I use to fill my paczki and my custard-filled jelly roll (coming soon). Here’s an odd thing though. Once when I was anxious for it to cool down (go figure!) I poured it into pudding cups and then I stirred it a couple of times and it never firmed up after that, even when I refrigerated it. I don’t know why but my point is don’t stir it – just let it stand undisturbed until it sets. It’s not very thick when you cook it but it does firm up nicely in about an hour.

If you like comfort foods and easy desserts, click here for my custard pudding recipe. – Jenny Jones

15 Comments on "Custard Pudding"

  1. Vkhanson

    I used half almond milk and half 1% and it set up well. Next time I’ll try it with all almond milk.

  2. Donna Hursey

    Would you happen to know if 2% milk would work? I am wanting to fix this now &
    don’t have 1% milk.

  3. Mindy

    Can you use this in cream puffs?

    • Jenny Can Cook

      I suggest using the custard recipe in my custard-filled paczki.

  4. Karen

    Will this recipe work with unsweetened almond milk?

  5. Michael

    I love your quick recipes…and the way you present them!..Best wishes…

    • Michael

      I think I will add a half tsp of vanilla to mine….love vanilla!

  6. Dean

    I noticed that the recipe doesn’t call for a pinch of salt or a couple tablespoons of butter or vanilla flavoring. Where does it get it taste?

  7. Jenny E.

    This looks delicious! Can it be made with almond milk, or will it not set?

  8. Margaret Hoffman

    Do you have a recipe for banana cream pie. Sure hope so. Tried many of your recipes n love all of them

    • Jenny

      No, I do not make banana cream pie. (but I probably should!)

  9. Cindy S

    Pudding was so thick and creamy, it was great on my pie crust ,I’ll use it definately again thanks

  10. john

    Hey Jenny … Outstanding … the four serves is a bit misleading though … no way am I sharing this with three others … even the better half’s chances of getting some are under consideration … easier and better than packet mixes, and so simple even I could do it …

  11. Ann W.

    Hi, Jenny–I tried this recipe–we like it very much. Will be making it again.
    Thank you for all of your good recipes.

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