Feb 27, 2015

Crispy Apple Tart

Crispy Apple Tart Recipe

Trust me. This apple tart is easy to make and it’s delicious! Not to mention it looks amazing. If you like things not too sweet you will love this easy recipe. I make it with my easy oil crust, so there is no butter anywhere in this recipe, and very little sugar. I’ve tried it with different apples but granny smiths work the best. They are firm and easy to slice thinly. It takes three really big apples, about 1/2 pound each, and the glaze is just some apricot jam that’s warmed up a bit. I use St. Dalfour brand.

Most tarts use a crust with shortening or butter but mine is a healthier oil crust  made with extra light olive oil but you can any oil of your choice.  You can actually press the entire crust into your pan but it’s hard to get an even thickness so I roll it between wax paper. Then it almost fits the pan and you can press it a little towards the edges and basically “cut & paste” the crust together. Try not to have any holes or cracks and also keep it inside the rim or it can burn. As it is, the edge of the crust gets really dark but it’s super crispy and delicious.

I make this tart in a 12-inch pizza pan and I have also used a pizza pan with holes and that works well too. I love this healthy dessert. Make it for a party and call it apple pizza. One thing about serving: The apples are cooked and soft so the best way to slice the tart is with a long knife using a rolling motion. The apples are cooked and soft and they want to stick to the knife so keep an eye on them. I tried using a pizza cutter (the wheel thingy?) – bad idea. It took some of the apples with it.

Be sure to slice the apples nice and thin. I tried using thicker slices but then the top was sort of mushy. So slice them 1/8-inch thick. As for how to place the slices, be creative. I always do the perimeter first but you can do your own thing. No matter what, I use all of the apples, even using leftover pieces to fill in any gaps. I also tried making the crust using whole wheat flour but it would not come out crisp so all-purpose is the flour to use. Hey, the apples have fiber. 🙂 Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

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  1. sue

    I made cinnamon raisin pancakes this morning and used your blueberry pancake recipe but I used 1 cup raisins and blended in 1 tsp. Of ground cinnamon. They were so delicious!!!!

  2. Patti Williams

    I love all of your wonderful recipes and can’t wait to try this apple tart. I’ve been and baker for many years and even worked at a bakery for 15 years but I still love to be creative and your recipes fill the bill. Thanks Jenny

  3. Kathy

    I found your videos in November. Just in time for the food season. I have made several of your recipes and always very satisfying. I
    regularly visit your site and receive your emails. love the videos and await more of them. I am a visual learner I guess and you make it fun and I
    always look forward to your sign off.

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