Feb 2, 2013

Claire wants an easy dish for 30 people

Jenny,¬†What easy dish can I make in advance for about 30 people and serve out of a chafing dish? If you’re in the mood, por favor…..

My Response…

I have an idea that should be pretty easy and would survive well in a chafing dish: Pesto bowties with chicken. Chicken is cooked ahead or store-bought rotisserie, cut into bite-size pieces. Pesto can be made days ahead (there’s a recipe in my book but Butoni makes a good one if store bought). Day of, you only have to cook the pasta & stir in the pesto & chicken. Keep some extra pesto or olive oil if it starts to look dry. Add parmesan or serve it on the side. (This is making me hungry!)

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  1. Claire

    You’re a miracle worker! It sounds perfect, and I’m especially grateful for the brand names. I am a very uninventive food person so I’ll probably go store-bought, although I’ll take a peek in your book as well to see if I might be capable of homemade. Why don’t you and Denis come on over for a Salon? Very low-key gathering of interesting artistic people who get together here during the dullest month of the year. Rolf is always official host and Mark is coming in for the last Sunday. I’ll send you an official invite. Meanwhile, thank you, thank you, thank you — you came up with that so easily. Jenny CAN cook!

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