Oct 1, 2019

I Should Have Called Them Breakfast Bars

Crispy Top Oatmeal BarsEvery time I run out of these delicious crispy top oatmeal bars, I need to make more. They are one of my all time favorites and for lots of reasons. There is no white flour, lots of dark chocolate chunks, and the recipe is easy to put together. The crispy top is the best part, made with pecans, brown sugar, and coconut. I have made the top with avocado oil and with melted butter and there’s not much difference to me.

I like something sweet after every meal, even breakfast, and this is my favorite breakfast dessert. Well, between the fig bars and these oat bars, maybe it’s the fig bars, no,,, the oat bars… oh well. I just love sweets so I have to keep findingĀ  ways to make them healthier. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

3 Comments on "I Should Have Called Them Breakfast Bars"

  1. AJ

    Breakfast bars: Nope, way too dry, gave them to squirrels who like free food. Nus, coconut all good ngredients though.

  2. Toronto Dad

    Found one of your cooking videos on Youtube and loved it. Kept saying “Ive seen this person before” but couldnt put the name. Then someone in the messages said it was Jenny Jones. Ive never been a fan of talk shows of any type. First off you look amazing. Gorgeous and happy. You made the videos enjoyable. I cannot believe you’re 73. You look late 40’s early 50’s. Anyways just wanted to say thank you and show my appreciation. Cheers from Toronto

  3. June E

    I LOVE YOUR SHOWS!! I’ve had a couple of Strokes so things we’re always new to me for a little while.

    I came across a recipe from you and I thought you look so familiar to me. I’m 55. Then I realized I used to rush home and watch your show that you used to have way back when ….slowly connecting the dots.

    I love the way you explain the cooking. Since my stroke I have trouble with recipes oh, well let’s just say I have trouble with recipes before I had the stroke too LOL, but you make it fun and easy and I have made a couple of your items. Plum cake ive made mire than once….well…i had to nake me
    back to back….they didnt last till supper dessert…lol

    Today I’m going to try the chocolate cake with no butter. Thank you for making it so simple

    I feel like I’m sitting in my mother’s kitchen watching her cook and just getting little cooking tips. I really appreciate your show.

    And to your mother who is commenting you’re not aging too well, well I think you look marvellous! Shes just jealous ?

    You rock it! Watching you in Saskatoon Saskatchewan the coldest place to cool your cakes! XXOO

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